3 Responses to More Public Service Ads by Leather Strap

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    This is a great concept for a Photoshopped series, perhaps even monthly like Mark’s excellent ‘column’.

    It would be even nicer no number the scenes, so one can easily comment on the sometimes disputabele choice of ‘crimes’, which might be labeled in some more detail, such as buddies cheerfully drinking at a music festival (can get out of hand, but(t) at the point shown they belong OTK at worst for presumably poor musical taste), or shockingly just for masturbating together, self-handed and in private.
    Furthermore, I’ld love to see the spanking shots credited. I belive t recognize a Man’s hand Films scene (the orange t-shirt knave, whose shorts come dwon over daddy’s knee later) and at least one Sting story

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I didn’t hope for another set of these wonderful ads, but here it is! Thank you very much, Leatherstrap! 🙂

    Blackfield II

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Your welcome! Glad you guys are enjoying them! More to come! LS