Paul’s Bad Report

One of sting’s earliest Downloads was Paul’s Bad Report which focused exclusively on the first of their main stars Paul. In this short story he plays Davies and recalls his scrapes with discipline both at college and afterwards having been sentenced to a spell in a reformatory. As he sits once again in police custody the arresting officer reads through his past records and the punishments recieved for continually breaking the rules. Then in flashback we see Paul getting his tender young bottom spanked, slippered, caned and birched, all in one download. The pictures b

The following pictures are taken from the birching scene

Images from Paul’s Bad Report

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11 years ago

Grew up in Scotland and got birched 3 times, at 15, 16 and 17! Still have scars on my ass from those beatings-nothing is more painful than a birching!

12 years ago

thanks for the pics
I know the birch really stings and burns