Owen on the Bench for a good hard Bare Bottom Spanking

Owen on the Bench

Owen, one of Spanking Straight Boys’ most popular models, is back and he’s going over the bench for some bare bottom punishment.

Owen is 19, straight and hot. He is has the body of a fitness model and a face that belongs on covers of magazines, and a bottom that belongs over a man’s knee.



In this video, Tom straps Owen to the spanking bench. Owen states that he doesn’t like the bench because it puts him in the perfect position for spanking, but what he really doesn’t like is the way the bench forces his butt to be raised and legs spread. All the reasons we love to see him on it!



Tom then administers this spanking by hand, with a ping pong paddle, wooden spoon, belt, birch, long plastic shoehorn and a cane. This spanking is harder than Owen’s first spanking, and Owen quickly becomes acquiescent and obedient.


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Near the end, he starts saying “yes sir” under his breath as though doing so will somehow lessen the intensity, but Tom couldn’t even hear him saying this, and just spanks harder.


Lets hope we see Owen back at Spanking Straight Boys again very soon!

Video Preview

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5 years ago

I didn’t take much notice of Spanking Straight guys until this week, but now I sure am noticing. They seem to find the hottest guys around. Owen, is a keeper for sure, but they all are.

Tom P
5 years ago
Reply to  Mitchell

Thanks, Mitchell! I spend a great deal of time finding the right guys for the site!