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Cadet Caning: Cane & Paddle

After an almost hilariously incompetent first mission ends in the ship scraping the ocean floor, Lt. Riley is called to task by Commander Hector and Commodore Coburn.


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Cadet Caning: Cane & Paddle


Title 2257


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4 months ago

Hector knew all too well Riley should never have been given any authority, as the bloody bumbler may have passed his exams -albeit by a whisker- but(t) messes up even the simplest assignments, utterly lazy and simplistic: his routine disciplining of cadets fails to yield proper results as he doesn’t even take the trouble to find out what actually happened and fit CP to the crime, yet powers that be in the Pentagon keep playing-down or even ignoring critical recommendations, so he gets posted and promoted merely by seniority and presumably some powerful (political?) protector. All Hector can do is try to give critical assignments at the academy and dependencies and exercises at sea to more capable and reliable officers/cadets, like Diego, but(t) even there Pentagon rules require a minimum of variety to allow compulsive red-tape assessment, so sometimes there’s no way out of wrecking some exercise by putting fucking failure-fellow French in operational command.
This time Hector failed to fix command of a training vessel, and Riley fucked-up full-time from start to end, even worse than feared, causing serious damage to ship and academy reputation: it’s a miracle no crewman was badly harmed (sparing him a then well-deserved homicide court-martial), except during ensuing CP matching their bare bumbling bunch bottoms’ bountifully battered condition to the patrol-vessel’s poor poop.
Yet the stripped-sterns-sizzling-subject subordinate-sailors’ spanked suffering of proxy posterior pain isn’t in vain: the Pentagon supervisor finally agreed, provided the ‘accident’ is officially attributed to assorted aspirant errors, hence every unfortunate subordinate shares a pointless but(t) plentiful part of pantless-posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-pounding ‘poop’ punishment, nobody gets proper full blame, to take Riley off the list of potential commanding officers on account of the ‘shipwreck trauma’, stranding him to desk deputy duties, where he can’t cause much damages anymore. On the contrary, from now on there will always be at least one reliable, responsible collaborating cadet and/or staffer to keep an eye on his boundless bumbling, set it straight and report these demerits to Hector, who will take them out tender-tanning the twit’s trouserless tail to that tally every Friday evening, followed by refusing weekend pass, and as it generally reaches alarm level by Tuesday or Wednesday, a pre-session that evening too.
For now, Hector holds rotten recruit Riley rigidly and as amply as aptly ass-arse-agony-accountable for the carefully-counted ‘collateral corporal cruelty’ clothless-cadet-cones-crimson-castigations to cover-up his criminally-colossal constant command-klutzing, guaranteeing every single one occasion now known as ‘black and blue Monday’ to attend Hector administering the same to fuck-up failure French, then hand the incumbent proxy-victim the implement(s) to double that dose dishing-out himself and follow-up with a private masterclass in OTK CP, obviously ‘Chinese volunteering’ right-receptively-red-raw-rear-ravaged Riley, a reliably-rewarding recipe for making every single one way better CO-material, also as dutiful darn-doleful-divested-derriere-discipline-dispensers Diego-style.