More Male Spanking Art by Franco


Don’t Dad Please!!

Another Hot M/M Domestic spanking scene by the Artist Franco

I don’t know what this young man has done, but Dad sure seems intent on punishing him for it!!

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One Response to More Male Spanking Art by Franco

  1. Looked jusdt like this but naked in front of co workers (guys) back in 1970—I was 20 and worked at selling lake shore lots with other college guys for serious disobedience was to be fired or take a bare ass paddling in fronto guys that night–I chose the latter as the money was great–Boss made me sr=trip down took me across his lap ( I was way bigger and stronger than he) and he paddled my naked butt and it hurt like crazy as guys looked on—I was making spank pleas like I was 5—- sore ass humiliaited but kept job and made $$$$$ i felt likke a damn fool but it was my fault