Swim Troubles: Bacon and Blisters – At Bottom Line

Swim Troubles: Bacon & Blisters

Hector is just about finished punishing Marc when he observes Aiden pouring hot grease down the kitchen sink drain. Aiden’s ass is soon more than hot as he joins Marc for punishment. All the while Diego continues to punish Alex in the bathroom.


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Swim Troubles: Bacon & Blisters


Title 2257

2 Responses to Swim Troubles: Bacon and Blisters – At Bottom Line

  1. Seeing young Aiden bent over the table in his swimming-trunks for a good smacked bottom shows that briefs definitely have the edge when it comes to spankingwear – especially when they are nylon, which many boys of my acquaintance find feels very kinky round their lower regions!

  2. Worrying whether a wee, woeful week of wickedly-well whackings working-over wayward whippersnappers wretchedly-wriggling worm-wise worked worshipfulness-waking well-enough yet to establish his directorial-decree-designated deputy Diego’s dire-derriere-disciplinarian-dignity, despite the dreadful destructive down-putting of the same damningly defrocked and derriere-disciplined days-long by coach’s competing curs-castigation-kid Alex amply abject-arses-agonizing all, headmaster Hector hasted to headquarters to hard-handedly help-out highlight his helpful henchman’s hider-highness, hence hurls at and hits hard on haphazard humble-hound HQ-household-bumbler Aiden, happy to find Mark pre-spanked, yet lining him up too for naked ‘keeping in their humble place’ spanking, rather routine and relieved their really-receptive red-raw rebel-rears recently received rueful-rendering rump-roasting.
    Hadn’t he hissed as high-voiced, headmaster Hector would have heard the sought-after music to his ears of all-attire-abjectly-abandoned, any-arse-agony-available Alex humbly having his heavenly, however-haplessly-helpless hinie-hide hit hundredfold by duly-dreaded deputized, definitely-dire derriere-disciplinarian Diego, squirming and screaming slowing-down to sobbing showers-starkers, suitably submitting to strict senior Sir’s soundly spanking similarly-strict secondant, such sweet sound to show speedo-down servile spankability to sternest sires-shared satisfaction.