JockSpank at 10

JockSpank at 10

A decade of Spanking!!

This weekend marks a special date for JockSpank, as it is now 10 year since JockSpank was first launched back on the Blogger blog back in June 2008.

A lot has happened over those ten years, and, despite a few bumps along the way, most of it was very exciting and enjoyable. In addition to Bruce and I, there have been a number of posters, such as SpankFan, SoupGoblin, Mike, Mr X, Adam Spankee and Dwayne who have all contributed to making JockSpank what it has become.

In addition, there have been all the Studios who have kindly contributed material to make JockSpank the male Spanking experience our visitors seem to enjoy. I can’t list them all, but some the main ones have been, Sting, British Boys Fetish Club, Mans Hand Films, Spanking Straight Boys, Spanking Central, Straight Lads Spanked, East Europe Boys, SPK Prod, CP4Men, The Magic Spanking Factory, William Higgins (Str8hell) and In addition there have been all the artists who’s work has decorated these pages and fulfilled a thousand fantasies, Franco, Jonathan, Spryte, C of Sweden, Matt, Mark the PhotoShopper and many others. If I have missed any, I apologise, but I would like to thank you all.

As a Celebration of JockSpank’s ten years, over the next few days I plan to revisit JockSpank’s past and repost images from the early years up to the present date, which I hope will bring back memories for some and will introduce others to features which they may have missed.

Lets start with the years 2008 to 2009


Click here or on the Continue Reading Tab below to see images from JockSpank’s past




Two of out earliest posters were SpankFan and SoupGoblin. Spankfan was a huge support in JockSpank’s first year, but he stopped posting in 2009 and unfortunately the images he posted are no longer available.

However SoupGoblin’s contributions can still be found in the archive, and I am sure many of us enjoy the Dudes Spanking Dudes podcasts he hosts. SoupGoblin posted many brilliant Manga style cartoon, such as these


And of course there were all SoupGoblin’s hot, red bottomed, hunks

Sting have been a regular contributor to JockSpank since the earliest days, and one of the earliest picture sets we posted were the famous nettle briching scene from “Instruments of persuasion 2” (more about which later)

The equally infamous caning scene from “Gray Shorts” featuring Sting’s first superstar, the very handsome Paul, was also very popular, I guess you can see why!!

Over the years the Spanking Art of Jonathan has featured regularly on JockSpank


Another early contributor was the artist Spryte, who also created the blog header we still use.

The Filmco Spanking Master series also regularly featured during 2008 and 2009

Mans Hand Films  have also been with us since the start, originally with their hot pictures from Folsom Street Fare.


In was also in 2008 that many of us became acquainted with the wild and kinky creations which come out of Bruce’s mind (Bruce’s work can be seen on the Sore Bottom Guys blog)

And, of course 2008 saw the very first of the Saturday Spankables



In 2009 we began featuring images from William Higgins Czech Guys Next Door site, which went on to become Who can forget Hunky Bois spanking button cute Daniel Daniel Student

Not to mention the kinky brown monk


It was also in 2009 that we started featuring the spanking art of the one and only Franco


Over the years, handsome Brett Stevens appeared in a string of Sting movies, enduing any number of sore bottoms for our enjoyment

Another Sting Favourite was Matt Mills, who suffered a ginger figging (feaguing) and spanking in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 (Which went on to be nominated for a prestigious GAYVN award in that year)

Speaking of Matt’s We also welcomed the work of the artist Matt, who’s ear pulling pictures and hunky guys getting punished by smaller men have delighted visitors


Another artist we have featured from time to time is the distinctive C of Sweden

In the early days StraightHell (now Breederfuckers) featured a lot of images of interest to JockSpank visitors. Here handsome Scott receives a humiliating spanking in front of an audience

I hope you enjoyed this journey through the archives. Tomorrow we move on to 2010




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5 years ago

I check this website every day. I love it, I need it, and I am thankful for it. Cheers to you, JS!

5 years ago

i check it everyday too– its not that i am addicted- but i need a daily dose to ease me all the same!!!!

5 years ago

Happy 10th Anniversary!! ??

Indeed there has been some bumps along the way!! I don’t visit this blog as often as I used to as Sting have a separate blog now but there is some great content here (and back at the old JockSpank blog) which is rare to find. So I would suggest people taking a look back at the archives!

Ps… This picture is purely erotically charged. Lol
…Oh Daniel that hand isn’t doing much now is it!! ?

comment image

Dr. Barton
Dr. Barton
5 years ago

Congratulations on the first 10 years, you have always been such a constant, entertaining and supportive presence on the ‘scene.’

I am confident that many more decades beckon!