Japanese (Anime) Spanking Art

This talented Anime artist contributes a lot of work to the Male Male Spanking Japan blog.  Can anyone who reads Japanese let me know the artist’s name

 Male Male Spanking Japan blog

Thanks to Collegeboy for pointing out that the art is most likely drawn by the Male Male Spanking Japan site owner Junichi


5 Responses to Japanese (Anime) Spanking Art

  1. The larger words at the bottom aren’t a name. It’s “Otoko x Otoko As-su Tataki”, which translates to “Man x Man Ass-beating”. According to the site, the blog-owner’s name is Junichi. Presumably, he also draws the art that appears on it, since it appears in very small print above the other words.

  2. Very strong drawings with splendid round buttocks ,also some glossy,well formed thighs from the spankers. Must remember to look at the Japanese web sight. Good to know male spanking is so universal,but then all men have bottoms and spanking is such a fun thing to do and watch.Thanks Bruce.

  3. I’m not into these drawings but I must say they are very amusing indeed. Such fun…

  4. Just shows that the erotic appeal of male-to-male spanking is world-wide, as it always has been.