International Spanking at Bottom Line

International Spanking: Trio Punished

The holidays may be fast approaching but Christian, Hunter and Raymond have begun acting like they are already on vacation. An assortment of punishments by belt and cane await the trio in after school detention.


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International Spanking: Trio Punished


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10 months ago

Although international schools in tin-pot banana republics attract and strictly select the best of the best boys as boarders, boys will be boys, especially excited at the elating prospect of a holiday home, eager to experience ever-elders-enjoyed eerily-exposed-endurance again from their own kinsmen, witnessed by kin peers, the warm welcome prelude to a refreshing reunion with their cheeky chico childhood playmates, worth every whooping their knavery will probably incur, nostalgically rejoicing radiantly-reddened rears.
Realizing this ‘rooting problem’, Miguel Reyes has his class’s home-fronts help keep them in line by reporting every term each family’s CP-traditions, send along home-broken-in implements (this roommates trio being among those who actually got brand new back-ups, especially given a double dose as send-off for no other reason) and sign to formally confirm loco parentis -permission slips explicitly naming their prefects and other room seniors elder brothers or -cousins, the teachers uncles, him, as housemaster, stepfather, and headmaster, as top dog, patriarch, also ordering their knaves to call those thus with the epithets ‘sabio’ (sage, wise) or, during punishment, ‘estricto’ (firm, strict), thanking for any instruction, expecting to get ‘home style corroboration’ CP from housemaster and prefect(s) on top of standard school tariff spankings from teaching staff.
As most come from big families, deputizing class- or room-mates to actually wield the implements, or making them whoop each-other in and on the bare, are adopted as common practice, also for boys not used to this at home, never questioned as the home rule says Sir is always right.
It works so well, making his knaves feel more at home (being called ‘Mi hijo’, my boy), blindly obedient to ordeal-offer the orbs without backtalk, steadily saying ‘Si, Señor (epithet, substitute-relation), gracias (for e.g. punishment)‘, sonly-sweetly stripping and submitting to successive-spankings-sets, fetching fitting corroboration implements bare-balls without even being asked-so, on best behaviour in school and getting better grade averages (still flogged on a curve, often for anything under A), that the board will allow headmaster to extend the excelling experiment permanently to the whole academy from next term, and adopt the epithet ‘paternalistica’ proudly for the school.