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International Detention: Duo Punished

Miguel has assigned the errant Christian and Raymond detention. Instead of having them clean the classroom he decides to spank, belt and even cane their calves.

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International Detention: Duo Punished


Title 2257


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1 year ago

Latino landless-born louts lacking any learning or breeding except Catholic teachings and slavish work ethic, ‘self-made’ fathers Torres and Bautista count on their sons to achieve proper social promotion for both bucolic buddy families by attending a proper prep-school, international in the capital, mainly for its expats, in English with Anglo-Saxon academic program, code of conduct and CP tradition. The nasty-naturally-naughty-nature-nurture-needy knaves were raised as Catholic country chicos, consistently compelling complete compliance and crushing currish contrariness in countless cases by copiously covering their clothless cones in cruelly-criss-crossing cane-like cuts commanding comprehensive contrition confronting countless cracks of the traditionally tutors-trusted Trinidad tamarind-switch to teach them things time and time by thornily tender-tanning their ‘tiny’ tails to true tears. Since their fathers were allowed to make a year of school fees in matching monthly down-payments for the prestigious prep-school, they also started training their teen twinks to take tail-thrashings to the taste of gringos, wearing out rattan canes on their trouserless-trembling teen-tushes time and time again, to train total tractability, taken on top of their Trinidad-tamarind-tail-thrashings.
Alas, the international school’s all too international exchange program, while a hit (hotly hitting humble-hound-hurdies hellishly-harshly) in the student section, proved a dreadful talent drain in the teaching school staff section, losing their best teachers to wealthier countries and unable to pay foreign talent to their standards, so it had to hastily hire home-trained hands, like Miguel, paying a premium to leave their country schools, without time or tutors to teach them the traditional Anglo-Saxon techniques, so Reyes resorts to rather runaway rebel-rear-red-raw-ravaging rump-roasting without reliable regularity or rigid rationale, reduced to reviled rustic ‘redneck’ roughing.
While the chicos are ready to bend-over/ drop-trou for any spanking, deserved or not, as their fathers expect their abject adolescent arses agonized about always, as at-home, alas any aberration from the avidly admired Anglo-Saxon ass-arse-agonizing approach alerts their ancestors awfully. If the curs can’t come-home to caregivers cones covered copiously in crimson cane cuts, the frustrated fathers, fearing the future-furthering fails frightfully, for-sure frantically flail frockless filial fannies furiously, furnace-fiercely, full-force-flagellating fatally far from forgiving.
Ten times, their trouserless-trembling-teen-tails are thornily tamarind-trashing-tender-tanned to true tears as truancy-suspects, grasping the rustic rascal-rearing rule: in case of doubt, spank, only then headmaster is contacted and confirms their perfect attendance score, explains they had to hire clueless country-teacher, and caters for the caregivers’ CP-kind-concerns by commanding to convert all chico-castigation in clothless cane-cuts, count confirmed, so even OTK hand-smacks one-to-one, as Miguel couldn’t work-out how to convert correctly in cane-cuts, and he’s allowed to complement caning with any other bare-balls spankings afterwards, strap or hand, only tamarind-switches are reserved for home-discipline, while hitting calves, hands or other boy-body-bits is banned, actually for all school staff, while just as at home all spankings must be on the bare, tailored textile being relatively rare and expensive, while red-raw-ravaged-rascal-rear-hide grows back for free, fees are expensive enough.