CP4Men: My First Spanking – Featuring Ashley

CP4Men: My First Spanking – Featuring Ashley

Ashley’s bottom has got to be one of the finest Ive ever had the privilege to spank. Ashley is a very charming but cheeky looking boy and took his first spanking very well. He had a terrible habit of calling me “Mate” which annoys me at the best of times. So there you have it-a perfect reason for spanking this gorgeous boy and insisting that he calls me Sir in the future! The spanking starts on jeans then underwear then bare. Afterwards he gets a further 12 with the hairbrush and told to say sir after each stroke. Finally for some added humiliation another twelve with the hand insisting that he says “thank you for spanking my bottom sir” after each smack. He just about gets it right which adds to endearment of him saying it. There will be more to come from Ashley in the new year!!


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3 Responses to CP4Men: My First Spanking – Featuring Ashley

  1. Avatar spankedson
    spankedson says:

    Really nice backside, looks even better with some colour in it!

  2. Lovely lad. He definitely needs more, also the cane

  3. Am wondering what the “real reason” for spanking him is, but it honestly doesn’t matter when his ass is that awesome! Hope he’ll be deserving of a LOT more!