Information Request – Studio 7 Videos

We have received an Information Request regarding Studio 7 Videos, is anyone aware of any source where these are still available for purchase? In particular, if good quality copies of one of their most famous films “My name is Jacque, and I’m about to get a good spanking” is still available, please let us know, either by leaving a comment below, or using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column

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18 days ago

Absolutely not these films are no where to be found most of the old stuff is either lost or no longer available.

You’ll be better lucky to find a few clips on tubes websites that someone may upload once in a blue moon but in all honesty I haven’t seen anything “new” floating around in years and lots stuff is the same old content doing the rounds. I can imagine most people who had copies of these filmed either DVD or more likely VHS have probably passed away and most of the content has ended up in the garbage disposal.

So good luck with finding any copies let alone HQ copies but if you do keep us posted here!

17 days ago

I have a copy of this film. It is in fare condition but not digital quality because it is a copy of a copy from a VHS tape. I have sent you info about it privately. The Jacques (sometimes called Jock) portion is from a longer video called Three Spanked Asses. I also have several still photos from Studio-7 of Jacques getting spanked otk but most of you have probably seen these pictures before. The still photos are NOT from the video in question here.