Information Request : GYTD Videos

We have received an information request for GYTD videos (Get Your Trousers Down). This popular studio seemed to disappear a few years ago. Any information regarding the studio, and the availability of their videos would be most appreciated.

If you have any information, please let us know, either by leaving a comment below, or using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column

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18 days ago

I oftentimes have wondered what happened too I have no idea they had a store on clips4sale but that’s has now gone. Also another store they worked alongside called “Angry Dads” that David used to work for I know that one owner passed away years back but I can only presume they may both have passed away or been taken by ill health.

To be fair I always found GYTD to be somewhere in between, but some of the models were hot.

17 days ago

I have several of the GYTD videos that I purchased from their website directly over the years. I was actually buying more of their videos when they suddenly disappeared. Is there a
particular video that you have in mind? I might have it. The model Chris with his wrecked BMW automobile (and the burning tires video too) is one of THE HOTTEST spanking models I have ever seen. He can still get a, ahem, “reaction” out of me! Most of my videos were
purchased directly from GYTD but I do have several that were obtained from other online sources.

16 days ago
Reply to  Swatter


Thanks for your offer to help. I don’t have any particular videos in mind that I’m looking for, more that the fragments of the ones I’ve seen are really hot so I would’ve loved to have looked through everything the studio had to offer. I’m including a few links below – the first one is my favourite.

Thanks in advance for anything you’re able to share 🙂

15 days ago
Reply to  Matthew

Hi Matthew.
I am pretty sure I have all of those videos you sent links to.
I have always thought the videos with the two boys and a boy named Kevin
were decades old and that Kevin is now all grown up. These would be the videos
that were taken on and over the arm of a white sofa. These are older videos and then GYTD stopped producing for a long while. Then they started up again with some hot videos of older lads such as Chris and his BMW automobile. I was buying as many as I could when they quit producing them.

I would be glad to post any of the videos here for free, but I do not know how
to post videos to this website. Videos can be fairly large at times and there
is a maximum length a video can be to be transmitted over the net.

I will be GLAD TO post whatever I can here if given some instructions.