East Europe Boys – Compilations

This is the compilation of the 2 complete videos from COLLEGE BOYS SPANKED, with a total running time of 121 mins.
FIRST VIDEO: 4 boys, all young and straight, during the lesson had fun with each other in class. For this are called together for a hard and severe punishment. The boys are punished with hundreds of swats, first spanked by hand, then with the belt, the whip, the cane, birch. In different positions, standing, tied, with his hands raised, OTK. Are also hit balls each. Whipped in a group and individually. As part of the punishment, they are forced to have oral sex with each other.
SECOND VIDEO:Punishment of 4 guys with hundreds of rounds of belt and spanking (OTK). The boys are asked to suck dick of a mate, this is an extra punishment for these straight boys. Real Video with guys who enjoy seeing the comrades punished, and then, try not to show their suffering. Even the cock and balls are beaten.

42 mins of non stop action with whipped, caning on the back! East Europe Boys have gone through their catalogue of clips and made this compilation featuring nothing but young straight lads getting their backs and bottoms spanked with the cane and whip! This compilation contains footage taken from 5 clips, with 5 different young guys

This is the compilation of the 4 complete videos, plus part of a fifth video, featuring Peter and Jurai, for a total of 136 mins. Involving the severe punishments of two youths, writhing in pain for the hundreds of strokes of cane, whipping, belting, spanking. (OTK) including genital punishment 

These three compilations will be available until June 11th
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