Harry the Prank

In today’s update at BBFC naughty Harry has the devil in him and decides to play a prank on Craig, he places a pin on his chair. Harry knows Craig is on auto pilot and is never that awake in the mornings.


Craig makes a coffee and sits on the pin, he pulls it out and is furious.
He storms out the room after grabbing the first thing he can find to spank Harry. He gets the lad and shoves him into the salon and puts him OTK and spanks him hard with the frying slice and the hand, on his shorts, underwear and bare ass.


Craig is so angry he throws the lad on the sofa and makes him kneel down and removes his belt. The belt is used liberally and hard, poor Harry gets the full force of Craigs ire. The lovely furry little butt takes some great swats and pays a high price for a silly prank.

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    YESSS! More unshaven butts, please!

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    this video gives me so much pleasure.