6 Responses to Granny and the Greaser – Art by Matt

  1. I wish I had had a grandmother like that!

    Ward im not sure if sting know but a website called gayforit.eu has some of stings clips on there site i thought id inform you if they didnt know as i know you have to buy them.

    • Hi

      Thanks for letting me know. Sting do not sell theie spanking movies through any other sites except MansHandFilms in the USA, so it looks as if gayforit may be selling pirate copies of their work. We have notified them.

      There seems to be movies from a number of other studios there as well.


  3. I’ve also visited the website and seen the download clip. In the woods cant remember the full name. Hmm perhaps sting have there own account with that site. If not it despicable

  4. GREAT STUFF! I always enjoy Matt’s drawings. More please

  5. Yeh I’m not sure If you can buy them but you can watch then I’ve come across a few of stings work there I’m sure it people who are members upload the clips