Foot and Butt Punishment: Roman SK


Roman is a new host, a student in his 20’s in need of accommodation for one year. Master welcomes him with open arms to his House and explains that, in change for stay and boarding, he will have to clean the house and cook. Master adds that, should Roman break any of the house rules, he will be properly disciplined – even just for Master’s own gratification. Roman has never had any experience of this kind before.

As a gesture of welcome to his new home, Master wants to administer a good spanking training right away and see if Roman can take it like a man. Master picks up the cane and gives the poor boy a taste of it first on the hands and then, after making him strip naked, he moves on to target the young man’s bare feet, for a good painful bastinado. The boy’s ass is next for a sound caning before a good hand spanking. Roman does his best to bear the pain, but it’s hard to satisfy Master who may even decide not to accept the boy if he doesn’t pass this test.


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