Foot and Butt Punishment: More Training for Noah Eden

More Training for Noah Eden

The poor Noah is dragged by the ear in the room by Master, who warns him that the punishment to come will be extreme and more “complete”. Master orders Noah’s t-shirt off, then he starts strapping Noah’s palms, severely, with a leather strap.

Then the young man is again dragged by the ear but into the gym and once placed in an extreme predicament!


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He gets severely caned on his tender feet, on the buttocks and on the exposed asshole before being happily hand-spanked too. Master swaps the impact tool and picks a plastic shoehorn – excellent for a good bastinado – to alternate with the classic riding crop that is no less more painful for Noah. The buttocks and the gaping asshole are also properly whipped for good measure, before being hand spanked with vigour.

Once the correction session is over, Noah is made stand up, remaining naked, while Master proceeds to a further painful strapping of the boy’s palms until they are abundantly red and sore.

As the punishment is over, Noah is asked his opinion about the punishment he has just gone through.

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Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
8 days ago

I hope that East Europe has this hottie under long term contract! His god-bod and beautiful butt needs weekly poundings in memorable positions! Looking forward to more classic punishments from Noah and the master!

8 days ago

This is a very unusual and interesting use of an abdominal excercizer!