Foot and Butt Punishment at Spanking Boys Video

Robert Mills (Full Version)
Robert is new, he is a straight and muscular 21-year-old student who works out in the gym. Robert is here for spanking training, and because of his strong muscles, he thinks he will easily be able to brave whatever the master can dish out, but we will see if it’s so. Robert is made to strip, but first the master wants to see Robert’s muscles at work, and proceeds to ask him to do some physical exercises to show off the magnificence of his young athletic body. After exercising Robert receives many different painful canings delivered across the soles of his bare feet, these are interspersed with him getting other humiliating and painful caning plus hand spankings delivered relentlessly on his exposed and sensitive ass and asshole. He punishment was also repeated with a riding crop.



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From Spanking Boys Video

and Feet Bastinado Boys

Title 2257


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3 years ago

Love watching that very handsome, nicely built young man squirm under punishment!