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Bloody Cadets: Fireworks

Cadets Jacob and Martin are AWOL from the academy as July 4th nears. Lt. Diego is sent out to find them and then set off some early fireworks.


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Bloody Cadets: Fireworks


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6 months ago

Usually the academy’s commanding general is quite stingy when it comes to festivities, claiming it’s counterproductive to spend money on whatever distracts from the drill displays he deems the dignified dues of those days. This year however, a high-level Pentagon delegation, including the man he hopes to be pushed by for a promotion, is visiting his academy, so all the stops are pulled to make it a one-off celebration show at D.C. level, quadrupling the usual budget and mobilizing all staff, leaves cancelled a week in advance, hiring professional catering and so on…
Ambitious, enterprising Diego earned a lot of credit by offering to organize fireworks at mates-rates through a distant relative, who will even pay HQ half the usual wages for a team of cadets acting as menial staff roadie-style, here and at a dozen other gigs, covering nearly all the costs. Diego is hell-bent not to compromise that careers-catapulting credit for cause of crappy-complying cadet-curs, hissing he’ll heap hell on their humble-hound-hides as harshly as helps him here, hence hell to pay in hidings if any fails to cooperate completely.
After the first ‘dress rehearsal’, the ten test-selected cadets knew it only takes six knaves to man all stations perfectly, hence concluded eight of them would be ample with two spares, so devised a roster for two to be exempted at each practice, only one at any actual gig, none when the Pentagon VIP attends.
Diego however is taking no risks, so he quickly cracks down on the cadet curs’ clothless cones consistently, considers doubling all posts as customary with guard posts on critical occasions, yet contemplating the curious contentment constantly caused by conferring CP on cutie cadets his CO recalled having shared with his Pentagon guest and all their class in their academy days (as he does now), and realizing a desk job under the PC-obsessed eyes of politicians comes without any such privacy-privates-private-privates-peeking penitentially-prefectedly-perilously-presented-posterior-paining perks, concludes he can do one better: eight well-trained fireworks boys will do, these two are transferred to a new ‘fanciful fine-fellow-physique-flailing fireworks festival’-featuring defrocked devilkin derrieres disciplining demo detachment, with half a dozen more of heavenly-hurdies-having-hotties to suffer a superb sequence of strippin-and-spanking sessions scarlet-striping their submissive soldier-squirt-seats steadily-severer, subject to school staff, subject-peers-in-turns and ‘specially strict senior Sirs swinging sturdy straps, swooshing sally-switches and so-on.
It will take some tough, thorough training, yet he laid the groundwork well-enough, duly daily-desert-dispending-dreaded Diego’s shivering soldier-charges are all too acquainted with him baring and beating their brat-bodies bountifully, bawling being brutally battered black and blue and blazingly blistered between OTK-rides to put and keep them in their hornily-heeded helplessly-heinie-heightened humble-hound place: he can easily and safely pick handsome devils who handle his heathenishly-harsh hell-hot-hidings heavenly-showy, having handled them hard-handed hell-houndishly like these two sexy, still sassy serial-spanking-sessions-subjects, suffering savagely-severe stripped-stern-scarlet-striping sanctions ‘in silence’ save suitable squealing and sobbing, from soundly-spanking schools and spanker-homes, in that respect like himself and both generals, enjoying no achievement more proudly and perhaps pervishly than having arrived at the other end of the leather & wood, the VIP guest doubtlessly rather regretting his Pentagon-promotion put a plug on that.
So a (s)trip down meekly-mounted-male-mounds-mercilessly-martyring memory lane with lined-up lusty lads to lustily, loftily and lustfully lay-on lavish loads of lickings and lashings at-lib leisurely, long and lividly will be the best ‘souvenir’ treat, inspiring a promotions plan: if the academy CO gets his Pentagon post, he and his promotor will want to return to enjoy a similar VIP visit, to which end Diego may be promoted as staff officer (provost marshal? XO?) in charge of discipline and protocol, so he can professionally guarantee ever sharper shapely spankophile shows to satisfy senior strict Sir’s sirely sadist-streaks sublimely.