East Europer Boys #2


Christian is in trouble again, he is taken by the ear by the master and ordered to bend across the master’s knee where he is spanked with a hairbrush, first on his pants, then his boxers and then bare butt. The hairbrush spanking is followed by a vigorous hand spanking. (OTK)

The master, still not satisfied, decides for a new session of punishment. Milan is again tied to the bed by his hands and feet and severely punished with the leather strap on the soles of the feet, then strapped on the bare ass


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2 Responses to East Europer Boys #2

  1. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    Another great Christian clip! His body is perfect and reactions terrific! Just posted at: http://www.spankingboysvideo.com a great clips trio that staggers me! Christian again in the wheelbarrow! First Christian walks around in magnificent denim shorts! He is then ordered to strip and show his beautiful body. While doing push-ups the Master lays into perfect-body-boy in the wheelbarrow with the brush! Next a hand spanking still in the wonderful wheelbarrow. A thing of beauty. Christmas in October! Christian’s beautiful butt is red at clip’s end. Then, another Pavel Tom (army) leaning over the back of a chair, showing fine close-ups of his magnificent rear and being hit with the belt. Magnificent reactions! Pavel Tom’s early clips, 10 or so, were all filmed “off campus.” It looks like to me that Tom Terrific has since transferred to this college as the dorm rooms are the familiar ones. I’d love to visit this school in Prague, take the East Europe studio tour! Finally, out this week, Rudy Valentino bastinado! The clip that I have longed to see, filling a void. Rudy is tied down, face up, to the dorm bed and ruthlessly hit on his soles with the cane. My Rudy has a low tolerance for pain and he groans and tries to get away! Later Rudy is turned face down and caned and finally spanked on his to-die-for magnificent butt! Making my dreams come true, I thank you for these terrific spanking stars, in the fabulous positions they are placed! Next, please put Rudy’s butt over the back of a chair, Pavel Tom needs more bastinado and Christian leave him wearing the denim and put his butt back up over the chair!

  2. There are always really hot guys in great scenes at the Spanking Boys website and Christian is among the hottest. Handsome face, great, naturally muscular body, and a perfect spankable butt. I love the OTK scenes with this model; he’s young but totally masculine and looks great OTK. Can’t wait to see more of him.