East Europe Boys at Spanking Boys Video (Part 1 of 2)

Kevin Jade (Part 1)
Kevin goes to take a shower, wasting time masturbating, the master who was looking for him, angry for too much time in the shower, decides to punish him. Kevin for modesty or shyness, at the sight of the master he covers himself, thinking of a punishment later, instead the master wants him to be punished immediately and naked and decides to whip him with the belt, and when Kevin sees the belt of the master, he has a thrill of fear, and fear soon becomes reality with flogging beyond imagination .



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Dominik is doing his job in the master’s house badly, and so the master proceeds according to the house rules to dish out the a good real punishment for Dominik, and before proceeding, the master asks Dominik if it is right and proper that he undergo a harsh punishment, and he answers yes. So Dominik is caning before on the pant and on the boxer, and after on bare ass and spanked by hand appealing to all his courage and willpower to resist the blows inflicted .






From Spanking Boys Video

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Michal + Lukas Liz (Full Version)
Lengthy punishment of two 18 year old straight boys. First with cane, riding crop, whip and after the lengthy punishment, they go side by side over the master’s knee for a hand spanking plus genital punishment .






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