East Europe Boys 3


The soldier Josef reports to the sergeant, to be punished. Josef is made to strip naked, and then severely punished with the cane, followed by being vigorously spanked by hand

  0075 ARMY (part 2)
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Pavel, after being stripped, is tied to the bed, hands and feet, and severely punished with the cane on the soles of the feet (bastinado), then on the bare ass to make him cry


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One Response to East Europe Boys 3

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Pavel is not only cute, he’s a most lucky boy!
    If you never tryed bastinado, well, do it!
    I got it once real hard and I can tell you no wonder young Pavel is so much smearking on his bed…The caning is real nice too…A stern, no nonsense master with a good ratan cane, that’s the way cute young guys should be punished!