Dr Skelpz – It Still Happens (Part 1)

In this new urban documentary by Dr Skelpz, Barry answers the question “Does it still happen?” by showing us that IT STILL HAPPENS more than you might think!

If you are wondering, the “it” in question is the spanking of bad boy’s bottoms

In the first scene new boy Sean Kane’s anti-social behaviour has resulted in an eviction letter from the council. His Mum asks Barry to come round and sort him out. As Barry says: “my slipper dealt with that!”

It dawns on Sean that he’s going to get spanked

It Still Happens was previously available from Sting Pictures as a guest director production


One Response to Dr Skelpz – It Still Happens (Part 1)

  1. The sting of the slipper always comes as a surprise. Nice show of slipper burn here.