Dorm Booze Double Shoot – At Bottom Line

Dorm Booze : Double Shoot

Instead of throwing away their contraband beer, Martin and Erik decide to drink it all while bitching about Diego. To the errant pair’s misfortune however, the prefect has not gone very far. The two earn another round of punishment – this time including from a leather paddle and being forced to spank each other while Diego looks on.


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Dorm Booze : Double Shoot


Title 2257



4 Responses to Dorm Booze Double Shoot – At Bottom Line

  1. My god these boys are cute.

  2. I’d love to request a custom video with these two. Is there a way to contact the studio directly?

  3. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Any decent prefect -and Diego is the bees knees when it comes to putting knaves nude over the knee- knows, like school staff, never to just trust knaves’ promises, made while spanked or not, especially when it comes to addictive contraband, and cocky seniors are the worst, as they always seem to seek proving they can handle anything, even freshly-fanny-flailed, worst when high. So Sir returned to the room rapidly, routinely leather paddle at the ready, not surprised to find Erik drinking what he had ordered dumped, the absence of a promise how or where to take it said enough, yet the surprise was the lush lout had managed to delude basically good lad Martin, convincing him the instruction meant this was the last booze on their rooms, only wasting food or drink is mortal sin, especially in times of Ukrainian war misery, utterly upsetting the world supply chain, notably grain used to produce beer and more beverages, so under chaplain’s Biblical rules they had to drink it, unable to invite mates to help given room arrest.
    Martin can’t cope anyway with his hangover, never having learned at home to ‘hold his liquor’ above two glasses per hot meal, however used to respect his elders, so takes his cue from the senior till some staff of prefectorial Sir’s superior seniority supersedes the stupid staggering stud’s saying or stuttering.
    Sir surely sees the quasi-innocent difference with the incorrigible bad elder example, so decides to give the pups pair a hand and leather licking as they are, knowing Martin won’t really feel its force, just enough to learn a lesson, unlike Eric, who built up enough alcohol tolerance over years of roguish knavery and idle orgies to still get near-full benefice of a bare-balls bad-brats-bums-beating, nevertheless Martin will be left here at corner time on naked knees till he symbolically dozes off on the floor, but(t) for Eric that’s just the start: he’ll be cold-showering in every other room for another leather-paddling from Diego and whatever spanking spanking the senior there prefers, as an eminent example Diego means business about contraband carrying clothless-cur-cones-crimson-colouring CP, especially when it impairs study concentration.