Doctor Skepz – The Block 2 – Repeat Offence

  Directed by Doctor Skelpz another Tale from the Block – Staring Barry and David

Barry finds out that David is still sneaking around The Block selling weed to his mates. Barry knows just how to deal with this kind of Repeat Offence
David won’t be sitting down for a while

 a painful squeeze in a sensitive area

 Then bent over the table with his behind in the air

 Down with his pants….

 soon David is begging for mercy as he gets another outdoor bare bottom caning 

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4 Responses to Doctor Skepz – The Block 2 – Repeat Offence

  1. Barry is my all time fav lad wish it was him otk his so hot i love his swagger wounder what his listening to on his earphones prolly Lady Gaga lmfao haha.

    Barry OTK in white socks please Dr Skelpz.

    ps. you spell his name wrong in the title.

  2. David has such a perfect bum. I would love to have a lick and kiss of those perfect cheeks.

  3. Nothing like a bit of on-the-spot, scene-of-crime punishment to hammer home a message. David is a great – he’s a great arse that gives us endless entertainment. Haha!

  4. he has a nice hole!