Detention & Coach – At Bottom Line

Detention & Coach: Max & Trio

Max pays the ticket price and more for trying to watch his classmates get punished free of charge. And as detention is now running longer Headmaster Coburn and Deputy Headmaster Hector are on their way back to the office with all three naughty boys still there…



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Detention & Coach: Max & Trio


Title 2257


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1 year ago

‘Mediocre Max’ is a mean, measly mutt, whose literally-long-suffering father sent him to strict boarding school in despair after incurring a severe, incurable case of ‘tennis-elbow’ from frequently, fully-frustrated frockless-fuckup-filial-fanny-flailings failing to further his failure fledgling from miserably-mediocre to meaningfully-more, only to find his fucking far-below-potential-grades fledgling flirted further with failing like his CCs-score and as-appalling-average ambition-absent attitude proved incurable, never putting in proper, painstaking-persistent effort to get as good as it gets, yet not quite bad enough to be booted, just miserably-mediocre.
Awkwardly aware abominably-average Max’s career path is leading nowhere, pa sees null point in saving up a college fund, he’ll just have early-retiring crippled dad’s measly village shop to run and inherit, nor does the dumbass deserve an allowance he would only squander, so headmaster was asked to assign an able tutor who, for that modest sum, acting with personally-permanent prefectorial privilege, can keep-up copious corporal correction to continue comeuppances colouring the cur’s clothless cones crimson-covered, the key condition to kind-of control his contemptibly-contrary conduct.
Assigned as-such, all-AAs-Alex actually acts admirably, always assuring an ably-and-amply afflicted asinine-ass-arse-agony at-morning and after-class as at-bedtime and anytime-additionally-appropriate awake, again and again, at-least-average attrition and acute awareness of always-absolutely-abject-arse-agony-availability, as awfully-adult-alike attribute-to-anal-area-application awaits always-already-ablaze-arse after any actual abominable act, grade, anything ‘above’ averageness.
Aspiring to ace as actual prefect, Alex astutely accepted administering almost-unpaid the additional ass-arse-afflictions, although already awarded an ample allowance (he actually donates a quarter of his own and this extra devoutly to the school’s seminary-prepping scholarship fund, having been denied any clerical career aspiration on ancestral account of family tradition to reserve that for puisne pups, he’s a practically-perfect prime) as perfect personal perfectionist penitent-pupil-privates-privation- and posterior-punishment-procedure- practice, perfectly practical, proud of his persistence proven by the prick’s profound-pain-purple-painting, prior to prefectorial promotion as personal pleasure to preview the peacock-pride of the prime-prized puerile position of pitiless, proudly-practiced power over preppie-peers. Promoted prefect, Alex always orders Max out of their room to allow classmates a private place for privates-privacy-privated posterior-punishments, but(t) the mean mediocre mutt arranged to wait in a fetish-mate’s adjoining room to eagerly listen to the sounds of sermon, sentence, swats, swishing, suffering-spankee-screams subsiding to subdued sobbing.
Learning coach currently casted his cursed ‘cruel caretaker’ for corporal correction, he couldn’t resist peeking at the door, caught only after clueless coach got a call and had to cross the room to take it, noticing a glimmer in the keyhole, sneaking by the other exit to ear-drag the pitiful peeping prick in and put him OTK for ‘vile voyeurism’, next lined-up to share the poor pair’s ponderous pantless-posteriors-pounding, and after recording it in the red book, realizing Max should have piously-peaking respect for his perpetual personal prefect, gave Alex permission, until headmaster returns and rules if that be confirmed, to use staff-facilities for further fanny-flailing ad-lib, and allow any audience, even collect admission fees, fully in favour of the favourite ‘fund to fatherhood’. As Alex takes this arrogant ape’s appalling abuse particularly personally, he’ll also get headmaster’s permission to permanently deputize Diego to defrocked-derriere-discipline the darn dumbo as he sees fit too, taking turns to torment the twit-teen’s trouserless tail thereafter time and time, twice and more worse than his pissed-off pa pays the prefect pittance for, pitilessly-plenty prick-posterior-pain permanently putting him purple-pained in his perilous place.