Dealing with David

It’s a tough life for Dr. Barton, the Head Master of Kayneingham Grammar, so many boys to spank, so little time. Here we see him with David, who, after a disruptive day needs some attitude adjustment, in “After School Spanking” a video clip by Brett Stevens.  Of Course as Dr. Barton knows only too well the best way to a bad boys attitude is by means of a firm hand on a sore bare bottom, preferably over the knee and followed by some embarrassing corner time!

So a bare bottom over the knee spanking and corner time is exactly what David gets!! 
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10 years ago

Really a revil-riot rascal-rear-raw-reddening-rage: OTK till his posterior hurts as much as his pride, casting the kind of cherubic cutie that looks the spankable school-squirt-scamp part to perfection, making us dream of the headmaster’s job as professional heaven!
P.S. Ward, are you sure you intended this to be labeled ‘Discipline Dreams’, the title of a very different SpankingCentral video, rather then say ‘Kayneingham Grammar’, as we would love to see many more of those gruesomel-good ‘grammatical’ grillings ?

10 years ago

Hi Fastifex
You are right, I am not sure how that label got attached. I have removed it!