CP4Men Daniel’s Bad Marks

CP4Men: Dad is not happy. Daniels end of term exam results are not good and after many warnings Dad has run out of patience so its over the knee for for this young man! Daniels bottom is certainly very spank-able and Dad soon gets the point across. Dad starts on trousers then underwear then bare leading up to a very sore red bottom. Daniels tears do not stop Dad from giving him some extra punishment over the family dining table with the hairbrush!

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2 Responses to CP4Men Daniel’s Bad Marks

  1. Judging by the surly look on Daniel’s face the spanking is long overdue. And after the spanking, it’s straight down the barber’s for a short-back-and-sides lad!

    Daniel’s great – I wouldn’t mind spanking him myself.

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I hope Daniel is in trouble again soon – so we can see his naughty bare bottom again. 😉