Mans Hand Films – Two Mad Dads

Sam Diego, Skylar Templeton
Alaska John, Fred Stevens
A second movie on MHV 188: When Sam’s dad discovers his son, and his friend Skylar sampling his whiskey behind the house, he decides to take immediate action.  The two boys sit on the front porch pondering their fate, while the dads chat on the phone and decide a humiliating spanking is in order.  The punishment begins right there on the front porch, with the boys spanked as spectators stroll by, amused by their fate.  When the dads agree that the boys aren’t learning a lesson, their pants come down for a spanking on their briefs, as a small crowd gathers to watch.  When the dads decide that it’s “bare ass time,”  they have the decency of moving inside to finish the intense spanking.  As a warning of what will happen if they ever decide to drink alcohol again, both dads give their boys a brief taste of their belts – a taste that those boys find even more disagreeable than the whiskey!


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