CP4Men: Cody’s Student Spanking

CP4Men:Cody’s Student Spanking
Bad behaviour seems to be Cody’s middle name but as far as the Head is concerned it’s something that he is not going to put up with! Cody goes over the knee for a good sounds spanking on trousers, underwear then bare. But the punishment doesn’t stop there-sirs hairbrush is put to use with a further 13 on his bare bottom and then to add to the humiliation he gets another 12 and asked to say “thank you for spanking my bottom after each stroke. Perhaps that will teach him to behave!


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Dr van Spanking
Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

O, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! This video just blew me away! Young Cody is not only a drop-dead gorgeous-looking lad, but he really suits school uniform! He’s just perfect for the role of a naughty schoolboy, sent to the headmaster for a good smacked bottom!

I enjoyed every moment of Cody’s punishment, even given the white briefs he was wearing! Those who’ve read previous comments by me will know what I feel about white underpants, but one thing I have never argued is that a boy can’t look spankable while wearing them; and Cody does wear his white briefs VERY spankably!

The most amazing part of the discipline administered to Cody (which I’ve watched over and over again!) was the sequence where he was spanked with a hairbrush! To begin with, I don’t know many young lads who’ve been spanked with a hairbrush – it’s actually an instrument of punishment that I associate much more with girls. For instance, Enid Blyton’s schoolgirl stories make many references to schoolgirls getting ‘a spanking with a hairbrush!’ Seeing a hairbrush used across Cody’s very bare and hairless bottom conjured up for me a delicious mental picture of a naughty schoolgirl laid over the knee of a strict schoolmarm in a short, pleated skirt, hopefully wearing navy-blue or bottle-green regulation briefs, and spanked hard with a hard-soled spanking slipper! But let me not digress too much into an area I know will not be of interest to many JS fans. As it happens, I do know of a young guy I used to correspond with on Gmail who was laid over the knee with his trousers down and spanked by his dad, and who would get his bottom smacked with a hairbrush when he’d been especially naughty – so it does happen to lads.

When Cody had to say, ‘Thank you for spanking my bottom, Sir!’, I just got the mother and father of all boners! As it happens, in terms of English syntax, ‘spanking my bottom’ is something of a tautology: the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines the verb ‘spank’ as ‘to hit someone several times on their buttocks as a punishment’. However, it is such a deliciously embarrassing phrase for a lad to have to say, especially being made to use the word ‘bottom’; no boy Cody’s age of my acquaintance would ever use the word ‘bottom’ to refer to his hindquarters. Left to himself, he’d be much more likely to say something like ‘Thank you for smacking my bum, Sir!’, or ‘Thank you for tanning my arse, Sir!’ Young Cody is clearly thoroughly embarrassed at having to thank Sir for spanking his bottom, as of course, he should be! It’s given me some food for thought – I have one of my Naughty Boys coming round this evening to be laid over my knee, so I’m going to make him thank me for spanking his bottom while I’m slippering him! Thanks for the great idea, CP4Men!

I also loved the way Cody’s very bare and smackable legs kept continually flinching all during the spanking, so that he actually managed to shuffle his shorts off! I have just a couple of suggestions: I’d really love to see CP4Men take a leaf out of Sting Pictures’ book and occasionally get a lad into some shorter, tighter shorts for a smacked bottom. Also, could it be considered to let them wear coloured underpants more often? This would reflect the reality of the contents of most 21st century boys’ pants-drawers; Cody belongs to a generation of boys who have been brought up wearing coloured underpants, unlike my own generation of lads, who had to make the decision to switch from white briefs to coloured briefs, which, of course, most of us very happily did, even if we might have felt slightly self-conscious wearing them for the first time in the school changing-rooms! Just a thought.

I tell you what I’d really love to see, and that would be Cody in a lifeguard scenario wearing the royal-blue swimming-briefs! That would SERIOUSLY be the cat’s ass! How about it, CP4Men?!

1 year ago

Thank you, Dr.v.S., for your thoughtful comment!