Copyright: Plus Fernando – At Bottom Line

Copyright: Plus Fernando

Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass. Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copyright law from Diego while Erik’s inability to keep his eyes on the wall cause him to earn further punishment.


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Copyright: Plus Fernando


Title 2257

2 Responses to Copyright: Plus Fernando – At Bottom Line

  1. Hot! I love when a boy has to assume that position while his friend gets spanked, kneeling with his hands behind his head, red backside on display.

  2. Red-reared Eric, doing corner time hands-on-head on naked knees, can’t resist peeking despite warning smacks as fellow copyright felon Fernando goes three-tier over Alejandro’s knee, ignores a last-warning thwack and ends up smacked soundly simultaneously over Diego’s other knee and next lined-up in some positions on bed, all hand-spanked.
    For fourthborn farmboy Fernando, fulmination and frockless flailing from furious father-figures fatally feel fairly fine, just like home, where every elder male is an exalted educator, evidently expected to exert eerily-exposed endurances, elaborating endlessly-elders-enjoyed educational entertainment, and after a fiery flogging from a father the puisne puppy’s elder brother and cousins routinely regale the rough right to redden-on the rascal’s raw-ravaged rear repeatedly, practically passing him on all-on-ankles or nude from knee to knee and prickishly pinch his purple-pained posterior and privacy-privated-privates, producing pert Priapism in puerile and paternal parties, on even more public exposure.
    So Fernando felt almost as privileged as when he won his scholarship, to find at arrival spankings in college are much rarer here, not necessarily on the bare, only rarely in front of peers except fellow cahoots or victims. Almost too much paisano-puerile pride privately primes over pious pudor, promptly prepared to present his pupil-posterior perfectly-perilously for pantsing and pain-pounding at preceptor’s pleasure, although he only resorted to copyright violation because Senior Eric ordered him and other frat pledges for publication purposes, to be present peeking at his pre-punished prefectorial painer’s pitiful purple-pained, privates-privacy-privated position and post-punishment as pounding-patient-peer.
    His pride to be punished as equal and even actually able to look down upon his frockless-flailed frat-elder is so overwhelming, he cares not he’ll probably be sternly scolded, stripped and sally-strapped savagely, what’s willow-whipped, wickedly-well by every elder back home for ‘fake pride lies’ when he brags about that unthinkable social and seniority promotion, backtalk being as unthinkable as refusing to tell the full truth, even if that’s a crazy catch-22 on his clothless cur-cones condemned to criss-cross-crimson-cuts-coverage, considerably-crueller than the customary coming-home-castigation to consolidate CP-compliance-conscience. Only his posterior-purple-pain-punishable puerile peers, in particularly puisne puppies, will believe and envy him unbelievably, even enough to work double as hard for a scholarship as a shot at such sublime social success.
    Diego is demi-deliriously delighted discovering the deliciously-doubled delight of defrocked-devilkins-duo-derrieres-disciplining, deciding to do this dozens of times thereafter, damning derriere-dermis to doleful due deserts for duos, decided by academic or athletic assignment-association or otherwise frat-senior-junior-pairs, systematically studying the scala of spreading shares of spankings, suffered in shared or separated sessions, sine or seen by staffers or student-peers … Although the daunting, near-endless list of potential permutations means he could never finish such research in many lifetimes, requiring debatable sample-selection, Diego never was so happy with an elaborate empirical exercises schedule, guaranteeing a full, productive and perky-pupil-posteriors-plentiful-purple-paining program stretching a life career, already seeking to settle to continue these exemplary exercises of eerily-exposed-endurances pro bono while his health allows after college retirement, therefore stressing the relevance of time parameters.
    Diego gets devoted to this tail-torment-teaching-techniques-training totally, thinking of tricks to teach trouserless-trembling teens tractability through towering, thundering, thrashing, two-tail-terror… Next holiday home, he’ll convince the family patriarch to appoint him kin-CP-quality-controller, whom all kinsmen must at arrival for reunions swiftly send their spankable squirts for serial stripping-&-spanking-study-sessions, subsequently send each squirt separately some spanking-study-weekends, rewarded with a ‘legacy’ family fee discount down to a symbolical Euro at the college, where these kin-boys constitute a constant CP-control group to compare to college-curs who aren’t flogged in the bare daily but(t) only as a punishment, while the control kin is kept controlled by considerably crueller CP next weekend in case of any CP-carrying complaint.