Copyright: Eric Disciplined – At Bottom Line

Copyright: Erik Disciplined

Diego finds the first culprit: Erik. Without hesitation he throws the errant boy over the knee to start a sound lesson in copyright law.


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Copyright: Erik Disciplined


Title 2257

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  1. Diego is hot and even more so in a Jacket and tie.

  2. Diego takes charge here and Eriks tight black underwear is the perfect starter for whats to come. Diego would fit perfectly with the guys at Sting.

  3. After a professorial plagiarism PR disaster forced the college to fire five staffers, Wizzkid Diego, a recent, brilliantly-graduated alumnus, whose amazingly-crafty algorithms-arsenal eerily exposed each lecturer or senior professor who ever had caned him publicly, the board got him to stay silent about other staff’s ‘negligent quotation past’ by offering him a well-paid job with confidentiality clause as ‘papers plagiarism protection-programmer & punisher’, extended with factchecking to fight fake-news and ‘alternative truths’ since the traumatic Trump time, reporting caught staff to the board for sanctioning but(t) given a free rein to deal with spankable student squirts off the record -a rare formal report guaranteeing expulsion- as he sees fit, which is the family-traditional way he was raised: puerile penitent pants down, abject adolescent arse up, amply and ably azote-agonized, again and again, achieving AAs and A-attitude.
    While at home and his own schooling he was systematically and submissively subject to strict spankability rules, here he can experiment to his empirical-inquisitive taste, work-out whatever ways of whacking wayward whippersnappers to worshipful wisdom work well, watching the worms wriggle wickedly-well-whooped, which wakes his want for whipped-wanton-worshipped worthiness. So instead of sticking to the simple student-sin-spanking-tariff sheet he started with, smart Sir soon switches to stripping and soundly ‘sample-spanking’ the sinner-squirt as start-stage, carefully comparing the cringing kids to his customarily-cones-crimson-cuts-covered cousins as conduct-categories to conclude corresponding completely-compliant-correct-conduct-compelling-CP-codes, copiously carried-out on clothless cones, causing cries and cringing colourfully conveying the copyright-curs’ conversion.
    After an anxious phase of denying his own awakening spankophile streak for lordly lust as liberally-lowly-lout-lower-limbs-licking lava-livid-lasher, while other staff overcome their unease to be IT-watched by a whizzkid, who can boot them literally or even figuratively shortly after having been under their spanker-sway, he strikes a friendship with his favourite former teacher Carlos, also a young scientist and gifted programmer, exchanging confidences about their own eerily-embarra(r)ssing and awfully-awesome arousal as absolutely-abject-adolescent-arses-agonizers, the true tale of two tail-types in tactile touch as trouserless-tush-torment triggers toy-tail-thrift.
    Only now, Diego realizes why many male kin, systematically sporting spanker-sirely shafts size-similar to spankable-squirts’ scared-stiff-swollen-seed-sticks, so cosily commended and caresses-consoled him and cousins cruelly-crimson-cones-cuts-covered for contritely ‘taking their medicine well’, rendering him grateful to those who only flogged him when he really deserved it, angry and envious of those who always found a fucked-up flailing excuse for phallus-filling fanny-flogger-fun.
    Similarly studious and spankophile scientists, Diego and Carlos decide to make sure their pupil-puppies’ plentiful posterior-paining-punishments also serve a greater good: their empirical study of ‘spankology’, wherefor Carlos coordinates countless clues from class-teachers on curs deserving of extra CP, with peculiar flaws of curious corporal reactions, all scheduled soon for systematic stripped-spanking sessions by Diego, who found barely one kid per class doesn’t show up in his algorithmic searches anyhow.
    For average schoolboys, that easily doubles their school-spanking-exposure, all extras being on or even in the bare, but(t) signing up for the program by parental permission gets them -discretely- almost fully exempted from school agenda CP marking, sparing most worse at home, while their grades tend to go up like their abject arses, as school staff is delighted to report as suitably-spankable any flaw or case of doubt not punishable under regular school rules.
    So Diego’s status among colleagues soon rises from mistrusted outsider to favourite along Carlos, who attends more spankings then other staffers and schoolmates as parameters for the chapters on witness embarrassment factors, which also include pictures and videos for specific (target) audiences. Headmasters and school boards eagerly await their study and seek subsequent spankological advice, to decide on such orbs-ordeal-options as (re)introducing spankings in school assembly.