Coming Soon From Sting (Part 1)

 Sting  (and Hornet) have some  brand new locations and some hot new faces and hot new bottoms to spank, and they tell me there are a string on new sting movies heading this way shortly. So Watch this space….

Introducing Jerry Henderson who will be taking some punishment on his smooth and tender bare bottom ….

 and as a new young top handing it out to popular Sting stars Xander and Rudi.

The very popular Aaron Alton is back in to hot new roles ….
 And he’s taking it hard!!
 More pictures of Aaron will be posted tomorrow!
 New Sting actor Oscar Robert in a new 1900 story ..

 When his spectacular bottom will be receiving  the treatment it deserves ….

Links Provided out of respect for Sting’s Intellectual rights

4 Responses to Coming Soon From Sting (Part 1)

  1. How does that Aaron take it so hard there’s nothing of him.

  2. Oscar looks fit that’s about it I’m not to keen on sting at the moment. But there ok I guess

  3. Welcome back Aron! You have been as sorely missed as I hope you’ve been sorely spanked

    These look cool, and Oscar looks hot.

  4. In the bottom pic just notice if I’m right another lad getting spanked beside Oscar I think it’s erotic when more than 1 lad is spanked by spankers at a time not much of that about some old clips I seen from MHF but not a lot