College Boy Spanking : Robi and the Master’s shirts

Master Shirts

Robi is afraid of the master, but he is also obsessed with the master’s shirts, he has a love hate relationship with the shirts, despising seeing them but at the same time finding something alluring about them. Feeling horny and being alone in the house Robi takes the opportunity to go to the master’s closet to get his shirts, and then goes to the master’s room where he starts to masturbate over the shirts. Unfortunately for him the master returns early from work and finds him in the act. The master understands the situation and decides to punish the boy with a serious flogging with the belt and then proceeds to use the shirts to masturbate him to no avail. This earns Robi a whipping and the instructions afterwards to ejaculating or face another further punishment. After cumming Robi now has to wear the dirty shirts all day, and after it all wash and iron them within 2 days.


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