College Boy Spanking – Mike and Daniel

Mike and Daniel

Mike and Daniel two students aged 19 and 23 are caught by the master arguing with each other. The master asks Mike to choose a painful instrument to be used for their just and well-deserved punishment. Mike with apprehension chooses an instrument and shows it to Daniel and they both begin to think about how painful their punishment will be. As they are punished, they hug each other for support and comfort. They are punished with a wooden paddle and by hand, as well as with a tawse, leather strap and leather paddle. To make better use of their excess energy the master decides to have them do a number of different exercises too. Finally they shake hands and then have to remain standing while they contemplate the error of their ways.



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Title 2257


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2 years ago

Is that Evan Ryker? Why is he calling him Daniel?

2 years ago

Getting wet watching Daniel and mike being spanked