Chris: Bubble Bath Blues


Chris the Plumber has been hired to sort out a stench from the drains! It should be a quick an easy job, but Chris gets paid by the hour so decides to pretend to the house owner that it is a lot more complicated than it really is!


The Owner goes out to get some extra money, telling Chris he will be a few hours


Chris is left alone to complete the job. The cheeky young man decides to use the time having a smoke and lounging around in the bath!





Lazing in the bath, Chris smugly thinks how clever he has been and what a fool he has made of the owner


His relaxing day comes to an abrupt end when the owner returns home unexpectedly and catches Chris in his bath! Naked!


The owner takes photographs of the naked plumber as evidence of what he was up to


Chris has really been caught red-handed and is given an ultimatum. Accept some punishment from the owner or get reported to his boss!


Chris reluctantly accepts the punishment! However, being a straight, young man, the thought of going over another man’s knee for a spanking is not an easy option!


Chris is still dripping wet when he goes over the owners knee and sound finds out how serious the situation when the hard spanking begins!


At first the wet towel provides some protection wrong the relentless smacks 


But despite his protests, that is soon pulled off ….


and the handsome young cheat gets a long, hard and well deserved
Bare Bottom Spanking 




Chris discovers that spankings sting a lot more right after a hot bath




After a job well done, Chris is left with a very sore, red bottom!
How will he explain that to his girlfriend?


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