Jonathon’s Strict Punishment

….and strict it was. Sentenced to 40 lashes with the belt and ten with the cane poor Jonathon is tied to the punishment bench. His worried facial expression mirrors the strict punishment he is about to recieve.The first 20 searing lashes with the belt are delivered on his white underpants, already he knows that this is a real punishment and will not be easy to take. Jonathons gorgeous globes are already glowing as I pull his underpants down and lay the cane on his naked buttocks for the first stroke. I do not hold back in the slightest as I deliver the first five strokes of the cane and Jonathon’s howling falls on deaf ears. The next twenty belt strokes are just as ferocious as the first portion and Jonathon is not finding the deserved beating easy to take. The look of trepidation on his face as I prepare for the last five cane strokes speaks volumes. Jonathon’s yelping as I deliver the strokes is very real indeed and there is not one single stroke of his punishment faked in any way. This clip is a must for lovers of real punishment and Jonathon certainly cements his reputation as a spanking star in this video.A four minute preview of this clip can be seen at my blog. High Quality Mpeg version below. 

Video trailer


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