Coming Soon from Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary

The next Sting download, Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary, is due to be released this weekend, I will post more pictures when it is released.  This short story, set in a penal institution for wayward young men, is a prelude to Sting’s forthcoming DVD ‘Banged Up Borstal days 2’

Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary stars Sebastian, Tom Nuttall, Matt Mills and new Sting Star Toby, together with Rusty and Margusta keeping the unruly youths in their place (usually bottom up over someone’s knee!)

There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declatation in the right hand column of this blog

3 Responses to Coming Soon from Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary

  1. The ultimate in punishment for a disobedient lad – having his crack and pubes shaved so that he looks like a junior lad, and then a healthy dose of the strap across his bare and freshly-shaved rump — the added sting of the strap on shaved buttocks and the humiliation of having to bare it all and stick his bum right up in the air for shaving should prove a salutary lesson for any disobedient boi.

  2. Brought back some wonderful memories of sessions that I had as a college lad with a man who loved corrections/prison scenes.That first razor shave of the crack and hearing the ccrunch scrunch of your hair back there being shaved with the ass spread as wide as can be in shackles on a horse with then hearing.” Ya know, this is as gentle as it’s gonna GET back here for you for quite a while…” No truer wors were spoken. Wonderful memories revitalized through these shots.

  3. Hi JC

    I’m please they were happy memories 🙂