Sting: 1900 Return to the House of Correction

Sting’s latest download 1900 Return to the House of correction

The Police courts are busy and Colonel Templeton Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction couldn’t be busier. New arrivals who do not pull their weight are soon in line for some serous discipline.


Albert Stanton (Leonardo King) is one such lad who finds himself hauled up in front of the Governor. At the turn of the century and for many years after to maintain good discipline the most sensible thing to do was to lay on some corrective punishment. 


In this case it’s a good breeches down spanking for Stanton …


.. followed by the burning sting of the old leather tawse, its bands of fire well laid across his bare backside.


John Hawkins (Jay Faith) a new inmate freshly arrived from York is taken over the knee of Warder Mr Sturchley (Dexter) just to introduce him to what’s expected from a new inmate.


Meanwhile the Colonel deals with another younger Warder, Mr Hawksley (Mike Cross) who has been taking far too many liberties in his exalted position.


A humiliating bare bottom spanking for this insolent young officer…


…followed by a session with the salt water soaked birch, which he would normally wield himself!


Now the time has come to carry out the sentences imposed by the courts. First to be put over the birching pony is John Hawkins.


The executioner is Mr Strurchley stripped to the waist and ready to lay on some scorching strokes. Twenty Four burning lashes later the lad’s slate is wiped clean but with more time to serve he must still be on his best behaviour all the same! 


Finally young Arthur Crosby (Jonathan, appearing courtesy of The Magic Spanking Factory) is ordered over the well used birching pony. The sentence is read out and the boy is secured, Mr Butcher (Marco) flexes the cruel birch bringing it down with relish on to Arthur’s defenceless bare bottom.


One by one the strokes lash down and Arthur begins to howl, his raw bare buttocks blazing from the whippy birch twigs relentlessly biting home.
The lad quickly makes up his mind that It will be sometime if ever before he Returns to the House Of Correction!


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17 Responses to Sting: 1900 Return to the House of Correction

  1. Hi, I’m searching a Sting video where a boy is initially pulled by an ear by his “father” in a public place, maybe in a supermarket with all the people watching… unfortunately I don’t remember the models or the title, does anyone know which video is this? Thanks.

    • Hi, ttyhe scene you are refering to was part of the Sting free Christmas video. It is not available at the moment, but I will upload it to a file sharing site and post a link on Wednesday evening (this evening)

    • Wow, really? Thanks Bruce! It’s a scene with Damien Drake? People in the supermarket were not actors, right? Good scenes of humiliation with young, good-looking models punished by older men are very rare, many people all over the world seriously want this scenes but there aren’t videos like that in the spanking market and for me Sting is actually one of the few producers who have the possibility to do also this kind of scenes. I mean, spanking videos with more humiliation, embarrassment, exposition in front of witness, maybe also in front of some girls of the same age of boys, why not? In this way Sting can involve also cfnm fans. It would be a revolution in the spanking world, what do you think about this idea? I know there is a strong request of this kind of things and nobody has ever done this seriously until now.

    • A Christmas Mash Up can be either viewed online or a full sized version can be downloaded to your hard drive from here:

      I confirm that the video includes passers by who were not actors

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    glorious!!! sting doing what sting does best!

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love the way the birch marks Jonothan’s fantastic butt.

  4. Then you will enjoy the markings he gets when I get my hands on him.
    Which will be soon!
    Moonlighting in Prague!! I’ll teach him.

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Give it to him good and hard.
      I have bought many of his (your) films and he is one of the best spanking models I have seen.

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love it – Luke

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I hope Google don’t shut you down as ill be fucked but i think they will as that’s what there like – Luke

  7. This is SUCH a great video. Jonathan looks fantastic in the period costumes. It’s beautifully shot and conceived and the spankings are super hot. I hope to see Jonathan OTK in an upcoming Sting release.
    This is definitely worth buying. Thanks for posting the stills.

  8. Avatar Frank the spank
    Frank the spank says:

    I agree, this is a five star production. Jonathon is soooo HOT.
    Will he be doing more vids with Sting?

  9. Over my dead body!!!

  10. The dvd’s that Sting sell are way to expensive at £20.

    • They are in fact extremely cheap given their length and quality, all the DVDs are over an hour long and feature 10 r 12 different scenes and different actors.

      As for the downloads they are very reasonably priced, this one for instance is 38 minutes long and costs £18;50, many studios would have split it into three parts and charged £12 for each part.

      Sting do NOT over charge