Justin Bieber gets Spanked

VERY DESERVING – Justin Bieber

In our occasional series Celebrities I’d Like to Spank – if there is one thing which most visitors to JockSpank agree on, its that if there is one celebrity who really deserves a spanking it’s Justin Bieber.  Well it seems we are not alone in thinking that. 

When the 19 year old Canadian appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns internet show, the host decided that it was time the brat got just what he deserved.  After lecturing Bieber about he behaviour and attitude Galifianakis did what half the world would like to do and took his belt to Justin’s backside.

 You can watch the whole interview here – the relevant section starts at 03:30 through

Sadly, it isn’t OTK or bare bottom and it is obviously faked, but there is still a lot of pleasure in seeing one of the world’s most deserving candidates for a spanked bottom, coming so close to getting what he so richly deserves

Thanks to Rich O’Shea and Scott Norway for alerting us to this scene


 Some images of Justin’s spankable bottom

Justin Bieber – source

10 Responses to Justin Bieber gets Spanked

  1. What I would to give him a spanking, then a rim job.

  2. I would take a belt & beat his ass hard. Then eat his ass, lick & suck his cock & balls, suck his nipples. I then would lie down with my legs spread tell him to fuck me hard & cum in me.

  3. Oh yreah! I’d love to smack his bare behind with a strap!

  4. You people above a vile lol Justin Bieber seriously his an idiot spits on his fans artist like him are famous and I don’t know why and you have amazing singers like Charice Pempengco who don’t get recognition they deserve 🙂

  5. its just a pity someone should take Bieber across their lap and give him a sound spanking with a heavy leather strap.That bottom of his needs very nasty sting to it for such digusting behavior..

  6. In the photo where he is singing to his grand mother thats the time when someone with a belt can come up behind him and wallop that bottom of his soundly.

  7. Justin is a real F***cking pig spitting on people he needs to be given a serious thrashing in life.He should have been spanked years ago maybe he would have manners today.

  8. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I do not approve of sexual overtones some may have, and generally do not endorse physical punishment. But in young Bieber’s case, I do think that a cane measured across his bare teenage bottom to administer twelve hard strokes is justfied.

  9. Justin should not be caned in my opinion. It’s too harsh for a teenage boy so well known. Far better if the police who arrested him each took turns to give him a very hard spanking with his underpants lowered, in his cell with the media absent, on his bare teenage buttocks.

  10. Dont agree with any of the above as I think all violence is wrong. Surely it would be best to punish the boy Bieber by making him stand in the corner with his orange pants down bent over and his orange top lifted for the world to inspect his naughty teenage bare bottom?