Brothers Spanked

Andy and Patrick
Andy & Patrick are mischievous brothers! They recently attended their cousin Bridget’s wedding and these two irish lads caused havoc! They drunk way too much Guinness and things got out of hand. Fights were fought, fire alarms activated and and Hotels evacuated!
Oh Dear!!!
Andy’s wife and Patrick’s girlfriend were left embarrassed and humiliated. 
So the angry spouses got together and decided that their wayward fellas needed to be taught a lesson and booked in a session for the brothers to visit  the local community spanker, Mr X!
Andy & Patrick turn up feeling rather sorry for themselves and blaming each other for the upset they caused. They know that if they do not through with this punishment that they will be kicked out by their fed-up partners. 
Mr X is not interested in their excuses and decides that a proper spanking is what is needed!

Patrick is amused seeing his big brother spanked!

Now its Andy’s turn to laugh at his little brother

The brothers don’t seem to be laughing so much any more!! ..

Andy and Patrick were spanked when younger but never in front of each other as grown men! Mr X dishes out a hard spanking, stripping each lad of his jeans and underwear until they are full exposed in front of each other. Humiliating! 
The two brothers not only receive a hard hand spanking as Mr X also introduces the slipper. The lads soon start yelping and squirming as the rubber soled slipper makes it’s impact on their beefy bottoms!

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