Brett Stevens Canefest!

A second excellent compilation from Brett Stevens:  Here’s Brett’s description of this video:

“35 mins of non stop caning action! I have gone through my catalogue of clips and made this compilation featuring nothing but young straight lads getting their bottoms caned!. After my recent compilation of spanking scenes “Spankfest” I received requests to do the same with caning clips. I thought it was a great idea! This compilation contains footage taken from 12 clips from my catalogue which also includes the full uncut version of “12/12/12” and “Brett’s Caning Clip”. It also includes the full caning sequence from Davidson’s Double Punishment (featuring David from Sting Pictures) which is currently unavailable from my site. Like Spankfest, this clip will only be available for a limited time, until first week of February.”

Video trailer

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12 years ago

Brett and David are a precious pair.