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Casa Revisited: Bottom Tour

The last time we saw Marc, he was working as a Spanish tutor. He since has gotten a new job as a tour guide in a historical city. Unfortunately, the local shops that contract with Marc’s employer have complained that too few of his tour groups come to their shops.


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Bottom Tour


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1 month ago

After program supervisor Diego tired of soundly spanking sub-standard Spanish tutor Marc along with his poorly-graded charges, enough to boot him from the school program, penniless Taylor travelled as paid escort to a kinky acquaintance’s native Andalusia, and stayed as he got a menial job as bilingual tour guide. However the record-cheap rates were based on fees from shopkeepers, who expected lots of tourists buying their souvenirs, but(t) Marc’s honesty about it being mostly tacky junk undermined their business model.
Once more, the kinky benefactor saved his boyish bud’s bratty bacon, but(t) by bringing his boyish butt and boyhood to be becomingly bared and brat-bottom-beaten black and blue: he inspired the tourism firm to create a special ‘premium program’ for gay frat alumni, called ‘Alla Cordobana’, which in Spanish literally means the Cordoba way, but(t) is also an idiom for ‘in the buff’, incarnated by Marc, who travels with them in a tour bus to the great Spanish and Moorish monuments at Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada, with contracted hotels, tourist shops and tapa bars all offering fees and discounts to have these mean, merry, meekly-mounted-male-mounts-martyring-melancholic men flock to their establishments for ever-enjoyed eerily-exposed-endurance-enactment-experiences, hosting backroom ‘tails-toy tableaux-vivants’, all featuring Marc demonstrating some miserable-making, mean “Moorish method to martyr marvelled males’ meekly mounted mounds and manhood”, setting a moderate fee (split with the host and tourist firm) for each tourist opting to put his freshly-flailed, fine-featured, frockless, fratty fanny OTK to grope and spank next, double to use the azote or other implement, some generous enough to throw in a tip, usually cash in his abject, attribute-agonized-aching adorable adolescent arse after the aghast action, often spending the night in the highest bidder’s hotel-room as two-tails toy-boy to teaser-tormentor-tourist’s taste.
Although again it’s an awfully-arse-afire-aches-assuring assorted-agonies-acceptance all-over, the alumni-act is also another acceptable ambition-alternative. After all, absolutely-abjectly accepting his adorable adolescent arse to by agonized about ad-lib is what he knows best and does (well, bares bare-butt to bare-balls) best, like the best, being brought-up beaten bountifully on the brat-boy-bare, no longer unpaid, he can even save-up, and is learning the genuine guide business, so he can do regular tours when his boyish charms whither, as often happens hastily to Hispanic hotties, and he hopes while a handsome heartthrob to find a fulltime sugar-daddy among his tourist clients, who might take him home or set him up in some love-nest, at the very least something to dream about while the bloody busload-bunches of brutes busily bidding him bare to brutalize his boyhood and blister his behind blazingly as boys-will-be-boys boy-toy.