BBFC: Vocal Sergio

BBFC: Vocal Sergio
Its obviously far too long since his last spanking as Sergio makes a real song and dance this time. OTK for a paddling is what he gets and he makes a real fuss about it.



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Trackies look good on this cute little guy but they hide his rear end and have to go. Wearing white boxers that pert little butt looks ideal for a paddling.




Once the boxers are gone his smooth little ass is paddled well. Having made such a noise in this clip I am sure he will need to be spanked again to calm him down.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

HAHA! It really is just the kipper’s knickers to see this cute, cheeky, naughty, uberspankable little rascal back over the knee where he truly belongs! And, my word, don’t I mean that! If he was my own lad, he’d have knee-shaped grooves in his torso by now, by all ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven, he wold!

The dark blue trackie-bottoms are absolutely perfect bottom-cladding for punishment! But I do have a plea to young Sergio, from the heart of my bottom! Viz:

Sergio, my lad, you have at least two pairs of the cheekiest, most spanky little boxer-briefs in your pants-drawer, one pair navy-blue and one pair black. They are good and tight, with seamless seats – and so short – the perfect length for discipline! I’m deliberately not critical when I’m making comments on Jock Spank, but those undies do far more for you than those white boxers you wore in this clip. Saying that, if any boy can wear white underpants really spankably, you’re that boy – the last clip you made for BBFC showed that, with those rather shorter, seamless white hipsters you wore then! Please, please, though, the next time you get smacked (hopefully laid over the knee!), would you humour one of your biggest fans and wear a pair of the coloured boxer-briefs I’ve mentioned that make that super-cheeky little bum of yours look just so, SO, SO smackable?!!Thanks in advance, you spankable young scamp!!!