BBFC: Viktor No Time

BBFC: Viktor No Time

By “no time” I mean no time for messing around, it happened so quickly that Viktor is in and OTK instantly. No stranger to finding himself getting a spanking the lad is getting a paddling that he has been asking for for a few days now. Teodor lays it on nice and firmly and Viktor is in doubt that he has messed up again.


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Trousers down and a paddling on the black boxers, which are well chosen for the fit by the looks of it, is the way it goes.


Then a final bare ass paddling, something all lads need, some more than others and Viktor is in this last category. A great paddling for this lad, despite his protests



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1 year ago

Usually only their elders commonly (carelessly, cruelly?) say knaves ‘just ask for it’ before administering yet another spanking, with only the spanked squirt’s personal enemies eagerly agreeing, while only fear of frightfully-firm fanny-flailing for backtalk restrains the battering-bound-bottom’s brat-boy-buddies from discussing reserves to rascal-rearing by red-raw-ravaging-rod-rides until the adults are out of reach, but(t) in bovine brain’s case, knaves never doubt if he’s going to be spanked soundly again when around either Sir, only how soon and how often, a popular ‘butt of bets’ among boys, kept quiet as gambling is a soundly-spankable offense as Teodor fears it induces squandering, so severely scourges any participant if anything of monetary value is at stake (and confiscated!), merely hand-spanks when the winner only gets a prank prize, like the loser kissing his feet (which is allowed, provided Sirs enjoy the same ‘respect’).
The main reason is that all House males know, in Viktor’s clueless-currish case another humblehounds-hated spanker-catchphrase applies: this numbskull knave ‘never learns’, earning the secundary nickname ‘giant goldfish’ as even the clearest instructions from betters or reminders from worried mates seem forgotten in a manner of minutes, solely sound spanking seems to stretch that by an hour or longer, in the unlikely case he isn’t spanked again for something else already, mostly deserved, while he actually gave up wondering why he’s upended again, it feels more like his place (and like home, where male kin is even less patient and harder-handed then Teodor) than any furniture in his or any common room.
So when Dimitri or a stern Senior simply-spitefully feels like spanking some squirt-seat and savor subsequent squirming and sobbing just to vent some unrelated frustration, as often happens, an obviously-easy option is just to snap at the ‘stupid steer’ to present his ‘rear right here’, or even make him fetch first flogging-props, only withoud scolded lecture it doesn’t count for the above bovine whooping-time wagers.
Just today, Teodor returned home hapless, steaming after another financial frustration, immediately asking Viktor how long he hadn’t been spanked, and after the truthful answer (he’s too honest and -mostly- too dumb to try lies) ‘four hours, Sir’, asked grumpily if the lout could possible have behaved well that long, ‘probably not, Sir’, then grimly thunder-told the tellingly-tush-torments-torrent-terrified teen-thrall to fetch another implement every half hour till Sir turns into bed, ‘the only way to avoid you wayward worm getting away with spankable stuff for any longer, at least the rest of the day’ (he’ll count himself lucky if Sir lets off tomorrow). Indeed the incorrigible imp  incurs, as ever, for regular mischief several sound spankings in between, and as a random result receives some severer second-rod spankings from senior Sir for being late for his half-hourly hidings!
When Viktor’s burning-bovine-bottom-beholding-blasé roommate, after nursing -his dreery daily bedtime duty- the bovine’s beetred-beaten black-and-blue bumbler-behind, asked, worried for once, if his humblehound-heinie could handle so many innocent CP counts on top of another dozen doses of due deserts derriere discipline, the answer was he often had worse, especially at home, and never knew or cared what is was all for, assuming it’s always deserved as he never can talk his way out of another spanking when questioned and given such opportunity either, and surely somehow for his own good, as his betters, being brighter, generally say so: still another cur-cones-castigators-catchphrase silently doubted and cursed by all his House mates, but(t) bluntly believing brutally beating bad-behaved-brat-bum betters the bawling boy makes life as lividly-lower-limbs-limp-licked lewd lowlife lout better bearable, not bliss but(t) ‘bountifully blessed’ with ‘Biblical love’ as none of his betters spares the rod, scared-stiff such softy style should spoil the stripped-spankings-submissive sturdy-seated steercalf-child spankee. 

Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

We are overdue for the sight of young Viktor getting his well-rounded and somewhat large bottom smacked! Which probably means that the boy himself is overdue a spanking – a spanking such as all young lads, even the best-behaved and most well-disciplined ones, can, occasionally take no harm from having laid on!

The slightly more formal light-grey chinos are a refreshing change and they sit perfectly over Viktor’s prominent bottom as he is laid over Teodor’s knee to have the spanking-paddle applied with all Teodor’s habitual vigour and severity to the seat of them! I always find it fascinating how the BBFC boys (and Stinglads, for that matter) differ in relation to their various pain thresholds! You get a lad like young Nick for instance, whom Tony had with him recently, who can go through a good hiding without a sound and maybe, like Nick, just a slight flinching of his very bare and smackable legs in reaction to the stinging and smarting sensations in his bottom! Viktor, on the other hand, is very vocal in his response to his punishment right from the start of it being laid on, and looks almost on the verge of tears by the time the spanking is over! In fairness to him, I always yelped the place down when I was getting spanked, or, if I’d been especially naughty, thrashed with my guardian’s tough and heavy leather belt, and even at 18 / 19, the tears were never long in coming! Equally in fairness to me, I was always chastised with the utmost severity, so I don’t think I could be blamed for the yelling and crying that ensued when I was getting a smacked bottom! And I mean SMACKED!

The inevitable moment comes when our lad has to stand up and lose the protection of his trousers, though I doubt that they offered much anyway against the hard, unyielding wood of the spanking paddle! Now, Viktor always seems to have on a pair of underpants that are perfect for being disciplined in – always a great colour and the perfect length to frame his bum for punishment! Take those spanky white and navy-blue striped hipsters that really bring out the roundness of his plump bottom – we’ve seen him get his backside tanned many times in those! But the pair of boxer-briefs he is wearing on this occasion could have been designed as punishment underpants! Short, tight and with only one seam up the middle of the seat – and navy-blue, not only my second-favourite colour after royal-blue for spankingwear, but, from my personal observation, boys’ second favourite colour underpants after black pants! I can’t recall if we’ve seen him smacked on these underpants before now, but he really ought to wear them more often when he’s going to be disciplined because they make him look SO ’kin spankable! Viktor’s pain seems to intensify now that he is bending over the knee in his boxer-briefs with that extra layer of protection removed!

When the boy’s pants come down, the paddle is shown to have done its stern work well! Viktor’s bare bottom is as pink as a well-disciplined boy’s bottom should be! This, again, is a fascinating contrast to Nick, who, if readers recall, recently got a good tanning with Tony’s spanking paddle, and finished a long, hard smacking with only the faintest pink tinge across his bum to show where the paddle had left its mark! I don’t know if any tests have ever been run to establish whether some boys’ backsides are more sensitive than other boys’ bottoms to spanking, but the evidence we see on JS and ‘Feel the Sting’ would suggest that it definitely was the case! If anyone of a more scientific bent than me cared to set such an experiment up, I’d be delighted to administer the appropriate tests!

A good, long and very traditional spanking overwith, Viktor is finally allowed to straighten up off Teodor’s knee and pull up his pants. He doesn’t escape that final SMACK! – on his underpants – before managing to pull up his trousers as well – that spank of dismissal that says loud and clear, “Off you go, my lad! And behave yourself in future!” It certainly sends the hapless youngster scuttling away, looking very sorry for himself indeed! As well he should, my word!

Will the errant youth ever learn to behave himself and avoid further smacked bottoms? For his sake, you’d hope so! But for ours…?