BBFC: Viktor Humiliated

BBFC: Viktor Humiliated

You might have thought that Viktor has been good recently as we have not seen him, but nothing could be further from the truth. He is always full of mischief and messing up. Dimitri has to deal with this in a way to make sure he remembers to stay on the the straight and narrow.

Calling the lad in he gets him OTK and paddles him. Starting on the underwear to wake the lad up a bit.


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WARNING: This video features the use of a sex toy


Then onto his bare ass, and Viktor does have a super smooth spankable ass.


But to add some zip to the session Dimitri produces a dildo and inserts it into the guy. Viktor moans at this and groans as his ass is stretched.


Then Dimitri carries on spanking the lad with it in him. This is a great way to get a lad to remember to obey the rules and behave.

The look Viktor gives Dimitri as he leaves the room is priceless. .



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24 days ago

The fellow knaves realize that ever-blunt giant dumbass Viktor is about as clueless as Dimitri is humourless, yet didn’t expect even him to actually wear that mock T-shirt suggesting he’s too lazy or rebellious to do his morning chores on a chilly Indian Summer Monday, but(t) he did and even was late for duty as often,
so impatient Sir ordered him OTK before he could put on shorts, and when asked angrily if he ‘feels fucked by daily duties‘ just agreed ‘Sir, yes, Sir’, as his roommate advised in general, however without properly pondering the question, let alone getting the irony (a concept too subtle or complex for his bovine brain, and rarely found with Dimitri, a first before his first coffee, which is part of the chore),
so Sir endevoured simply to show him how getting fucked feels and looks like for real, then delighted the other knaves by putting him on chore duty every Monday and even frost morning or evening, so they cheerfully volunteered to help out when he was ordered to amend the t-shirt ‘never too early, never too cold, never mind Monday’, with a promise to have his assine adolescent-ass-arse appropriately agonized by sawhorse-whipping ‘wealthy warm-up’ before each chore, to be performed nude-but-t-shirt and kept chivering thus until his hell-hot-hit-humblehound-heinie no longer burn-blossoms and feels as cold as the jumbo-rest of him, promising the peeking-prone pack plentiful privates-privacy-privation-pleasure, especially-eerily-exposed in and around winter. 

Dr van Spanking
21 days ago

It is indeed some little time since we have seen young Viktor getting his amply-proportioned bottom well and truly smacked, so it is great once again to see him back over the knee where he (and any other naughty boy for that matter) really and truly ought to be!

As it is the lad’s first spanking in a little while, I particularly appreciate seeing him laid over the knee for it – that most humiliating of positions in which you can bend a boy over to discipline him! Says he who grew up starting to develop knee-shaped grooves in his torso and briefs with wear-marks on the seat, haha!

I’m sure Viktor hasn’t helped his cause any by answering Dimitri’s summons in his underpants! In my house, I have to say it is a wholly acceptable and frequent occurrence, though the boys know exactly the risk they are taking by doing it, haha! A bit more protection in the form of trousers, or, better still, shorts, might have been wise on this occasion in Viktor’s case, although, of course, he’d only be getting them taken down anyway. It does mean a more severe start to a punishment, though, and speaking as one who regularly smacks boys on their underpants (as I was usually spanked myself in a domestic context) I wholeheartedly approve! Especially in the case of a short, dark-blue pair of pants with such a lovely smackable sheen as today’s selection from Viktor’s pants-drawer!

The insertion into Viktor’s bottom of a plug is a rare treat to behold at Jock Spank! It is an interesting introduction into any spanking as it helps create an amazing range of sensations for the lad being spanked. It also massively increases his chance of coming during a spanking, one of the most incredible feelings under the sun – and take it from me, as one with very little control over his youthful libido when I was around Viktor’s sort of age, I really do know!

Viktor’s embarrassment and humiliation show in his face right from the start as he is bent over, before he even gets a single smack! It is clear at the end that Dimitri is quite likely to be off the lad’s Christmas-card list! But that is what being punished is all about! At times I wonder if some boys really ever manage to make that mental link between naughtiness and punishment – you’d think it was simple enough: if you’re a good boy, nice things happen – if you’re naughty, you get spanked! But no, it doesn’t seem like that and our BBFC lads are sad and woeful examples of how little that principle seems to be understood by them!

Lucky for us, eh?!