BBFC: Untidy Sergio

BBFC: Untidy Sergio

Sergio is sitting there in the middle of a mess, clothes all over the place, he is drinking and watching TV without  a care.


Unfortunately for him Teodor has different views on these things and a great way of making the difference memorable.


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In short order Sergio is OTK and being paddled. He knows he has done wrong and is resigned to the situation, strange it never occurs to him to change his ways though.







Jeans and underwear get a set before his bare ass is paddled thoroughly.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Oh, my ears and venerable whiskers! O, ye gods and spankgelic powers of Spankers’ Heaven!! I remember a clip in my collection with young Sergio laid over the knee and spanked, first on a pair of skinny shorts and then on very short, tight, close-fitting navy-blue boxer-briefs! I didn’t think it was possible for him to become any more spankable – until now, that is!

Once again laid over the knee, Sergio receives eighty hard smacks on the seat of his trousers, pulled tight for punishment, yet sill showing the waistband of a pair of underpants! Sergio has recently been in in scenarios when he has been wearing white underpants, so I was finding myself thinking, “I hope that isn’t a coloured waistband topping off a pair of white boner-killers!” Again, how wrong could i have been! As his jeans are quite forcibly removed, the promise suggested by the outline of what looks like a pair of briefs standing out through the seat of Sergio’s jeans is revealed to be exactly that! And not only a pair of briefs, but a pair of navy-blue briefs, second on my list of favourite colours for spankingwear! We have never seen young Sergio smacked in briefs before and to see him spanked over a pair of close-fitting coloured briefs now is just an express ticket on the rocket to Spankers’ Heaven! It has always been such a rare treat to see a boy smacked on properly brief coloured briefs at Jock Spank! We get a few spankings over white passion-killers on those sites which make their boys wear white briefs in direct contradiction of reality, but coloured briefs are less common, although they have been a more frequent sight recently, thanks to BBFC! Sergio should certainly wear coloured briefs more often! A bottom as pert, cheeky and spankably prominent as Sergio’s needs briefs to show it off to best effect! I am so glad that, wearing those briefs, the lad was laid over the knee to be disciplined – the only position that would possibly do justice to the smackableness of his bottom and indeed of his youthful physique generally!

Never one to take his punishment quietly, Sergio moans and yelps his way through what is undoubtedly a painful spanking, several times having to be forcibly laid back into place across Teodor’s knee! At one point, as the hard, unyielding wood of the paddle connects with the seat of his underpants, he really yelps! The severity of the spanking is plain to see as Teodor’s briefs are pulled down and we are able to see his very bare, hairless bottom turn from what the songwriter calls ‘a whiter shade of pale’ to ‘a rosier shade of pink’! The last smack on the boy’s underpants, laid on before he manages to pull up his trousers is just the cat’s ass, loud and hard! A few young lads of my acquaintance would have jumped about six inches in the air from the shock of a smack like that – administered just when they thought it was all over! Being used, however, to the little ways of BBFC spankers, I would guess that Sergio was half expecting it!

The lad gets on with tidying up, made temporarily more biddable and obedient from getting a good smacked bottom! I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that the lesson truly is only temporary!

Keep on wearing briefs, Sergio, my lad! They SO do suit you!

Yours spankily,
Cliff van Spanking PhD.

PS I am delighted to tell you that I have started using this most delicious still from the video as my computer screen-saver!

1 year ago

While ‘standard spanking’ most of his students lined-up all-on-ankles for OTK, afterward lining the living wall hands-on-head and later-still red-rear-rubbing, on account of mediocre weekly test results reports (failings = floggings over frame first), generally a repeat of their headmasters’ office pantsed-posterior-purple-paining proper-performance-promoting-proceedings earlier on Friday, the corresponding weekly spanking-schools ‘tradition’, trembling-trouserless-twink-tails-tender-tanning Teodor told them time and time again to turn to the examplary excellence-pursuit in the City of London (high finance),
which inspired Sergio to adopt their motto ‘work hard, party harder’, inviting this week’s nine fellow AA-students from his school for a party while Sir spanked the loosers here, serving wine from the masters’ cellar.
Terribly tired from the truly-testing toiling-toll of tender-tanning thickhead-tails, Teodor thought to treat himself to a terrific torrontes, only to find his cellar raided and the culprits gone and/or drunk as a skunk.
Too tired to truly tan that thievish tail to Teodor’s thirsty taste, he gives him a half-hour foretaste before letting him sleep off a hangover, and calls the headmaster, a fellow wine lover, who agrees to put the ten AA-thieves through his crooked cane-line the next nine Monday evenings before each in turn will join Sergio to Teodor’s for their turns of trio tush torment: Teodor puts them OTK in turn, after a frockless flogging from him and each in turn flogging his cahoot, then takes the least-raw-ravaged raider-rascal-rear as proof one spared the rod which he compensates by extra flailings from Sir and his stronger mate, that ten times. Although Sergio is probably the strongest in his class, he dared not risk loosing nine smart school friends, so went easy on each and got it worst and most often each time, wise enough to warn them not to got easy as Sir would smell a rat and male it much worse for both, as sometimes happens in the house.