BBFC: Unsuspecting Sergio

BBFC: Unsuspecting Sergio

Dimitri gives Sergio a call and the lad scampers in with a broad smile on his face. Totally unsuspecting that he is in trouble and about to get a spanking.


Bending the lad over the table Dimitri sets about doing just that.


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Looking as cute as usual Sergio is wearing shorts and Tshirt, well fitting shorts I should add. No matter how he looks the shorts go and he reveals some really tight black boxers, ideal for a pert little butt like his.




Then the bare ass spanking by which time he is starting to moan and wail as he does. A super spanking for this wayward lad, and a wonderful dejected walk as he leaves the scene .






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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Well, well, well! By all ye gods and twinky angels of Spankers’ Heaven, Sergio, my lad, this is much more like it!

It is always a real joy to see this delightfully cheeky little rascal getting his just deserts. While I always rejoice to see him laid over the knee to receive them, to which position his youthful, boyish physique is admirably suited!) I also do appreciate very much watching him being made to bend over for a spanking, especially with Dimitri’s big hard hand laid across the middle of his beautifully pert, cheeky little bottom!

It’s a rare and magnificent treat to see a boy spanked in short shorts at Jock Spank and if a picture paints a thousand words, young Sergio in those good short sports shorts presents a million arguments as to why the wearing of short shorts throughout the year should be compulsory for all young lads! And when they are pulled down, showing the boy that he is completely in Dimitri’s control, oh my ears and whiskers! Those black boxer-briefs are exactly the ones I hoped he’d be wearing! Is that coincidence or has he heeded my advice about just how more spankable he looks wearing coloured underpants – tight, clingy and the absolutely perfect length for punishment – than those dull, seamed white boner-killers that he was sporting the last time we saw him getting a smacked bottom?! I’d naturally like to think, the latter! I’m not sure if we’ve seen Sergio laid across the knee in those briefs, but if we haven’t, it’s more than high time we did!

Eventually, the boy’s briefs are pulled down, showing that his very bare bottom is now glowing with the smarting pain that a real smacking should produce. As Dimitri begins to lay on the final part of Sergio’s punishment, the boy’s bum wobbles like a couple of pink jellies on springs under the not-so-tender ministrations of Dimitri’s hard palm! The bare-bottom part of the spanking is a prolonged one and as the punishment draws to a close, I find myself wondering, has this discipline been maybe just too strict for the little fellow? Not that I’m against a severe spanking in any way (especially as I always smack my naughty boys very hard!), but it’s interesting that Sergio is crying by the end of it – again a rarity at Jock-Spank. He is very quick to make his getaway, pulling up his pants and short shorts as he scampers from the room, possibly afraid that Dimitri will call him back for another good hiding! And he still doesn’t manage to get out of the room fast enough to avoid the exquisite pain of getting his ear pulled as a novel alternative to a last SMACK! on the bottom!

Let’s hope it isn’t too long before he does!