BBFC: Trying to Break Curfew

BBFC: Trying to Break Curfew

Instead of waiting patiently for the next day when filming was to start, new lad Kiran decides to try and sneak out after curfew.



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All goes well until Ryan hears him, catching the lad in the act he reads the riot act to him and then gets him OTK.




Kiran gets his first spanking a lot earlier than he expected and one he thoroughly deserves. Wearing sweats he looks good but its only a matter of time before they are down and he is getting a walloping on the boxers.





A slight lad with a very pert looking little butt he manages to take the lesson Ryan is teaching well. A bare ass finale for this new lad and a final warning as he is sent back to his room .




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

WOW!! Another very whippable young stallion for the BBFC stable! They certainly breed ’em very spankable in Poland, n’est-ce-pas?!

And isn’t young Kiran thrown right in at the deep end for his very first spanking, not only laid over the knee but laid over Ryan’s knee! A painful introduction indeed to the experience of corporal punishment! But these tough times call for tough measures! Ryan gives a fantastic impression of an angry dad, just absolutely fed up with the shenanigans of a wayward and naughty boy, who, clearly in need of discipline, has just this time pushed his luck too far – and pushed Dad too far in the process!

Seeming semi-bewildered and confused about what is going to happen, the lad is taken in hand and laid across Ryan’s knee in just the perfect position for a good smacked bottom! I watched the video first before looking at the stills on Jock Spank, so the question was there for me from the start as I watched Ryan’s hand laid on good and heavy across the seat of Kiran’s nicely-fitting track-suit bottoms! “I wonder what colour underpants he’s wearing?” Hoping for coloured pants, uncertain as the possibility of white boner-killers lurked in my mind, even though Kiran doesn’t look like a white underpants-wearer. The thrill of seeing the tight black boxer-briefs as Kiran’s trackie-bums are pulled down! I’m all agog to see what other treasures nestle in the depths of the boy’s pants-drawer – hopefully, if there are any white ones among them, he’ll well and truly leave them there on the occasions he is getting spanked! And I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that there will be plenty more of those!

There is a merciful side to Ryan’s style of spanking, giving the lad a moment to massage his smarting bottom during the punishment, though at one point subjecting him to the exquisite agony and humiliation of pulling his ear for it before continuing the smacking! And as the boy’s knix are pulled down to reveal his cheeky, hairless buttocks, it is good to see them turning a delicate shade of pink like a slowly ripening peach! BBFC certainly know how to pick ’em!

The last moments, with the camera in the optimum position as Kiran bends over twice to pull up his pants and then his jogging-bottoms are a fantastic turn-on indeed! I always look forward to this moment very much! And then, just when the poor lad thinks it’s all over and is able to scamper off, presumably to his room, SMACK!! One final smack on the bottom to send him on his way and just make the point that he is still young enough to be spanked!

I can’t wait for the time, I hope in the not too distant future, when we are able to see young Kiran without his mask, since I suspect there is a good-looking and cheeky face under there! I also hope we can look forward to seeing him bent over the table or kitchen bench and compare how spankable he looks in that position with how smackable he looks laid over the knee! It always gives a different perspective on a boy’s spankability and in this case one I am very much looking forward to beholding!